Mullet Monday

Wakey Wakey Loves…..



  1. shellsshizzle · April 24

    Haha – made me chuckle – thank you 😉 x

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  2. liverpoolmunky76 · April 24

    Perfect post, for the monday I am having

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    • Lennon Carlyle · April 24

      Monday’s are rough for sure. Just want to give all of you a little humor. Happy it’s working & hope it gets better for you friend 😌


  3. John Fioravanti · April 24

    Who me? My bitch ass? How did you know? Too funny!

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  4. John Fioravanti · April 24

    Thanks for the smile, dear!

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  5. what sandra thinks · April 24

    That elephant one… hahaha… I love it! 😃

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  6. Just Joan · April 25

    Loved baby elephant, but as an introvert, I’m going to go with #2. 🙂

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