Southern Sunday’s



  1. John Fioravanti · April 9

    Nice collection, Lennon. Funny, my mother used the same line on us way up here in Canada!

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  2. T. Wayne · April 9

    My grandmother used that “stop crying” one on me years ago. Darned if we didn’t try to stop, but the sniffling kept right on coming…

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  3. tarnishedsoul · April 9

    I don’t know that the last meme is exclusive to the south…
    I heard it A LOT growing up. 😉
    Happy Sunday, Lennon!

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  4. John W. Howell · April 9

    Excellent. I think you nailed it.

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  5. Just Joan · April 9

    Is this the same south where people are always “fixin to” do something? Love #1, even though I’m a Yankee. 🙂

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  6. what sandra thinks · April 10

    I have offered to give my daughter something to cry about… and obviously you know I’m way the fuck up here… 🙂

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