Master’s Week – A Long Time Ago

Lennon once had a “Sweet Sixteen” birthday. Can you believe that? It’s hard to remember being that young for someone that is 45 years old. But, yesterday as I was driving home with the top down I heard a song on spotify that took me back to that year and what I was doing on that day so I thought I would share this memory with all of you. As you know, my blog is somewhat myΒ  diary, truth haven, legacy if you will for when I’m long gone. I’m thinking some of you possibly use your blog for the same thing?

It was April of 1988 and I had just gotten my driver’s license and my very first car. I paid for it with the money I had saved up from working part time for a wine company. No worries, I wasn’t selling wine at the age of fourteen and fifteen. This distributor had a seltzer water that they were pushing and I was the girl who gave free samples at different social venues. I was so proud of that car and I had plans that evening with my Mom.

In my teenage years I lived in Augusta, Ga. It was Master’s week and my Mom had big plans for me. You see, she had me in modeling lessons at the age of seven and also had me take “southern etiquette” classes too. By the time I was thirteen she had me modeling for small ads in the local department store catalogs. I was taught to walk, talk, pivot, smile, speak, etc, etc, etc. I hated it with a passion. I thought it was ridiculous and stupid.

But Master’s week was a cash cow for my Mom. She would enter me in swimsuit competitions, dance contests, prancing around in nearly nothing serving shots to patrons. She would split the money with me. I wasn’t old enough to be in a bar but she got me in every time. I can remember parading around in a bikini with a tray of jello shots and the golfers whistling or putting dollar bills in my bikini bottoms. I felt disgusted and like a piece of meat as you can imagine. But, it got me new tires for that used car I had just bought and as I continued to do the club circuit almost every weekend I had money to pay for my prom dresses, class ring, cap and gown and anything else I needed.

But now, looking back I feel like my Mom sort of pimped me out? It was sometimes fun if the guys were attractive and younger but the old guys were sometimes a bit creepy. Either way, I don’t think my Mom should’ve pushed me so hard to do it. Of course, she was a single Mom trying to make ends meet and it helped her out a lot financially so maybe it wasn’t that big of a deal.

My favorite memory of Master’s week one year was going out dancing with my girlfriends. I wasn’t working at the nightclubs, instead I knew the bouncers and the manager and they allowed my friends and I in to dance. No alcohol but we could drink as much soda as we wanted to πŸ™‚ I remember a guy telling me I looked just like Marilyn Monroe in my black & white polka dot halter dress. I had the blond hair, red lipstick and legs for days back then. That night was a lot of fun. I so wish I had that dress still to this day and those legs!


50s Vintage Inspired Polka Dot Halter Dress /Rockabilly/Retro:

For those of you that enjoy golf, you must see the Master’s tournament once in your lifetime. It’s magnificent! Thanks for allowing me to reminisce with you here and take a trip down memory lane. I’ll leave you with that song that triggered this memory. Enjoy and have a great weekend loves!







  1. John W. Howell · April 1

    I think we all have different memories, Lennon. Yours are certainly bittersweet. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. John Fioravanti · April 1

    John Howell certainly hit that nail on the head, Lennon – so I’ll not try to characterise it any differently. I appreciate you sharing that with us. That brought back a memory from my 12th year. My dad was a Rotarian and a local department store asked the Rotarians if they had any sons my age who’d like to model clothes in a fashion show sponsored by the Rotary Club. I agreed to participate, got dolled up in a spiffy suit in the store and got pictures taken with a gorgeous model as her “little brother”. That picture found its way into the local newspaper. I didn’t get razzed at school – the guys were totally jealous because she was a bombshell! My claim to fame, Lennon! Didn’t get a nickel out of it, though. That was 1963.

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  3. This is a brave and honest post Lennon.
    Thank you for courage.

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  4. what sandra thinks · April 2

    You’ve always been able to find the good in every situation, haven’t you? And obviously… you’ve always been beautiful, too. xo

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  5. K E Garland · April 4

    You are full of surprises girl. I love this story because of its honesty and reflection. A lot of times we go through things and don’t feel quite right, but it’s always great if you can see the rainbow of it all.

    Separate note…I can’t imagine you in Southern etiquette classes lol

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    • Lennon Carlyle · April 4

      Now you know I didn’t graduate or get a certificate right? I got stuck in the corner a few times…. πŸ˜‚ Thanks for stopping by Doll!

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  6. T. Wayne · April 7

    Great story, Lennon! Thanks for sharing, and for your courage to tell it.

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