Hump Day Shenanigan’s

Happy Humping Loves!






  1. sonofabeach96 · March 22

    Hahaha! That must be the Duggers’ car! 😃

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  2. what sandra thinks · March 22

    I’ve got my bat… let’s go kick some asses! I feel that it’s exactly what I need today… 😎


  3. Dan · March 22

    Humpity Hump!

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  4. Lady G · March 22

    Lennon strikes again! Girl you a foxy and funny ass bitch!

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  5. John W. Howell · March 22

    Loved the car. Everyone’s a critic.

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  6. tarnishedsoul · March 22

    Awww….sounds like he needs a kiss. 👿

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  7. Woebegone but Hopeful · March 22

    I guess they don’t get much time to wash the car windows.

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  8. Just Joan · March 22

    #3. Definitely #3. 🙂

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