I woke up with a serious headache at 4 am. Nope….I didn’t even hit the sauce last night. It’s also 18 degrees and I can’t get warm. Sigh….only one more day and it will be the weekend. Let’s pound it out shall we? Happy Thursday 💋



  1. The V Pub · March 16

    Take your flask to work day! Isn’t that every day?

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  2. Jim · March 16

    ha ha! I love how you think regarding the flask.

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  3. John W. Howell · March 16

    I had to laugh at the underwear meme. Did the same thing. Lucky the bed was close. Hope you feel better.

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    • Lennon Carlyle · March 16

      This made me laugh! Happy I’m not the only klutz 😂 Feeling a little better. Headache is now a dull one 👍 Thanks John!


  4. milfordstreet · March 16

    I see that National Take Your Flask to Work Day coincides with St. Patrick’s Day…That somehow seems fitting in these parts. =)

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  5. Woebegone but Hopeful · March 17

    Anndd today is Friday!! The week-end is but hours away.
    I’ll quit now, there’s only so much cheeriness a normal person setting off for work can be expected to absorb

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    • Lennon Carlyle · March 17

      I need some cheeriness! I’m up and it’s 5:38 am over here across the pond. Soooo cold too. Got my mug of get shit done and trying to wake up…. Yawn, stretch, 🙂

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      • Woebegone but Hopeful · March 17

        Hi Lennon 09:55 here, I think Spring is starting.
        Anyway you take care. Safe journey there and back again. Survive Friday!


  6. Simon · March 17

    Fuck I forgot my flask! lol
    As your your day, My car broke down… so we shared an equally shite day! Hope you’re ok hun xo

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    • Lennon Carlyle · March 17

      Well that sucks! It’s always something isn’t it? Hope you can get it fixed quickly. At least it’s Friday 🙂

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      • Simon · March 17

        I hope it’s fixed now… Well see i guess x


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