Hump Day Shenanigan’s



  1. Simon · February 15

    Bhaha! Fantastic – the first one is definite winner! :-)))))

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  2. what sandra thinks · February 15

    Obviously the second one stands out for me because Hook. Damn, I love him. (But I also agree with Simon… that first one is the best…)

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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful · February 15

    Number 3; that’s me when I’m reading the News… or are we talking about that ‘sex’ thing again ?

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  4. John W. Howell · February 15

    Ha ha ha. Good one.

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  5. plotless1 · February 16

    bad girl…

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  6. milfordstreet · February 24

    You have some awesome posts that made me smile…a lot. A new subscriber. =)

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  8. John W. Howell · June 28

    So much fun. loved that first one.

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  9. John Fioravanti · June 28

    Wow, John H., you really liked this collection with two separate comments – or was that two separate visits? I agree, lots of fun! Thanks, Lennon!

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