Mullet Monday

Congrats Patriots! That was an incredible game and well earned. Not gonna lie, I was screaming with excitement every single time the falcons scored. Huge Atlanta Falcons fan here. Oh well, maybe next year. On that note….


  1. what sandra thinks · February 6, 2017

    I must admit that although I’m not much of a sports fan and the Superbowl is the only game I ever watch… last night was pretty amazing to see. I was sure there was no hope whatsoever for the Patriots… which would mean everyone in this area — teachers, co-workers, the general population — would have been really bitchy today. But all those records were broken and it was exciting… even for me which is saying a lot. Big fan or not, it’s always nice to see your local team win… If only not to have to deal with bitchy people all day…

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  2. sonofabeach96 · February 6, 2017

    Atlanta gave that game away. Such a shame. After that incredible catch by Jones to get em in field goal range, they should’ve just run the ball 3 times then kicked it to win. Why they chose to drop back at that point is beyond me.

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  3. Just Joan · February 6, 2017

    I’m not a football fan and didn’t care either way. I figured the Falcons had it when the 3rd quarter score was 28-3. The Patriots comeback to win was unbelievable. It made me feel hopeful for our country for the first time in weeks… if those Patriots could do it, maybe these Patriots can, too. No offense to the Falcons, of course. πŸ™‚

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  4. John W. Howell · February 6, 2017

    Steelers fan here and was screaming just as loud. *sigh*

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