Hump Day Shenanigan’s

Happy Humping Loves! 



  1. liverpoolmunky76 · January 18

    Reblogged this on A Munky on Merseyside.

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  2. Simon · January 18

    Ha, you’re such a wheeze Lennon. I love all three of those. But you’re definitely number 1 😉

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  3. what sandra thinks · January 18

    I love the third one. Haha!

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  4. John W. Howell · January 18

    The third one is great. All my life I have responded well to that comment since it always seemed to cover the situation at the time.

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  5. grandfathersky · January 18

    What is it about those things … it’s like nature created some kind of magical attachment to those curves!

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  7. John Fioravanti · July 5

    Love them, Lennon! Happy humping!

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  8. John W. Howell · July 5

    Had to laugh at all three and John F’s comment.

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