Do that Sh💩t!

Fantastic Charity! I just bought two!

K E Garland

I don’t usually post on a Tuesday, but this is time sensitive. My husband, Dwight created a T-shirt to inspire people to do what they want in life. He’s giving 75% of the proceeds to the Special Olympics.

do_that_shitIf you’re interested or you know someone who would LOVE this shirt, then please click on the image and purchase.

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Ho Hum….

I’ve been meaning to write something for weeks here. All I’ve been doing is posting Mullet Monday’s and Hump Day Shenanigan’s. I’ve been working on a special project in hopes of being featured in a book. Let’s hope I make it, wish me luck? That’s where my priorities have been and work of course. But, this bitch is back loves 🙂

So, I think I blogged about having a new employee a few months back. He is truly incredible. I’m ecstatic that he’s there. I don’t even have to fix myself a cup of coffee anymore. He wants to do everything for me. Although he’s not my assistant it’s as if I have one. I’m getting so spoiled. Life is good now for me with being a manager. Honestly, I was somewhat insecure about the position. I doubted myself and if I could handle the responsibilities but I’ve proven myself wrong. I’ve got this. I’m doing fantastic at it, at least that’s what the owner tells me.

We’ve landed a large client. I get massive orders daily from this corporation. I’ve been requested to visit their facility by the plant manager.  It’s always lovely to be complimented by a major client and especially to the owner of your company. It helps for bonuses, raises, and promotions. This particular client is a female. I have enormous respect for her as she over sees it all. I can be so naive sometimes. I didn’t realize she was flirting with me until she stated in an e-mail “I bet you’re extremely beautiful Lennon. You’re voice is raspy and very sexy. I love your wittiness and you are exceptional at your job. We should meet halfway for dinner one evening. Let me take you out. Please tell me you’re single?” Sigh….I explained to her in the e-mail that I would love to meet her sometime to put the face with the e-mails and yes I am happily married. Well, that seemed to excite her even more. Go figure. As the owner says “Lennon, you need to take one for the team and accompany us on the next visit to the plant.” Sure thing, I’ll play along for the time being. Lennon doesn’t discriminate, she flirts with everyone anyways right? Ha. Not sure when we’ll visit the plant but I’ll keep all of you posted on that tidbit.

That’s about all that’s new with me. Sorry I’ve not written much lately but I’m planning on getting back into it again. Thank you all for always stopping by, reading and commenting.





MLK Edition — The 2017 Version

So worth reading…

A Joyful Process

[I originally wrote this post in 2015; I’ve given it a little update and posted it again this year.]

Yesterday, Martin Luther King, Jr., if he were still here with us, wouldhave celebrated his88th birthday.

I wonder what he would think about certain things. Such as:

  • would he hashtag any of the social causes of the present on Facebook or Twitter? Would he even use social media?
  • what would he have to say about gun control in light of so many mass shooting incidents across the country and homicides in the inner cities?
  • what would his thoughts be on the refugee crisis, immigration, and American involvement in the Middle East?
  • would he play Powerball or Mega Millions when the jackpots get really big? (I guessing he wouldn’t, being a preacher and all…but I still wonder).
  • would he post photographs of his marches from years past on Instagram for…

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