Hump Day Shenanigan’s

Happy Humping Guys & Dolls!


Catching Up….

How was everyone’s Christmas? I hope everyone enjoyed time with their families whether they were near or far. I know the holidays can be pretty stressful at times….especially if you’ve lost a family member or are going through a break up or just missing someone.

This year was different for us. We normally stay home and have a quiet Christmas but not this year. We headed to my  hometown early Saturday morning to meet friends for coffee and to catch up. That was somewhat normal other than us quoting lines from a few movies which consisted of “I don’t rock thongs. I have a very fussy taint.” < Sisters > And if you’ve not seen that movie, please do so, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are hilarious in it. We also mentioned the word pussy a few times and before we knew it everyone that was sitting near us had moved to a table farther away. Trust me, there were no children around, we’re not that horrible…well maybe we are.

After we left Starbucks we headed to the hospital where my Step Dad was. I wanted to visit him as the day before he had symptoms of numbness in his hands and arms and felt light headed. As I walked into his hospital room he was sitting on the edge of the bed tapping his feet and grinning ear to ear. I said “I’m here to bust you out, pack your shit!” Of course he busted out laughing. He said my Mom was on her way and that the Dr was releasing him and that they couldn’t find anything wrong other than maybe he needed to see a shrink. Sounded about right to me. They believe that his BP and heart rate was really low which caused the symptoms and told him to only take one pill instead of two that his primary doctor had prescribed. So, that was fantastic news. He was able to go home and we were set to be there Christmas for lunch. After the hospital and lunch with my Mom and my Step Dad we headed over to my Aunt’s house which is the other side of the family. This Aunt is my Dad’s little sister. She’s the only family I have left on that side and she’s a lot like me.

My Aunt had planned a cocktail party for Christmas Eve with friends and my Uncle’s side of the family. We played a lot of drinking games, gambling games, sang at the top of our lungs, and enjoyed incredible appetizers. This all started around 6 pm but by 9 pm we were all pretty tipsy. So much so that I began singing “Errbody in the club gettin tipsy” and then my Uncle found it on his phone and blasted it and before I knew it even the eighty year old’s were bobbing their heads to it. I also might have been shocked by something and not by accident. I don’t quite remember it but was told I stuck my finger in a bug zapper and sparks flew. What the what right? When the night ended I was feeling pretty good but a little dizzy. Thankfully no one threw up and none of us were hungover Christmas morning.

So on Christmas morning we headed to the nursing home to pick up my Grandma and took her over to my Mom’s and we cooked and all had lunch together. Even my brother came over to eat with us and we reminisced and looked at old pictures, laughed and hugged and really had a great time.

You know what was so great about this Christmas? None of us exchanged gifts. There was no pressure. We all ate, drank and were merry. It was probably the most memorable Christmas ever. It’s not about the gifts. It’s about celebrating our savior’s birth and also spending time with the ones that we love.

I’ll leave you with my favorite holiday song. Of course, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is my all time favorite movie, probably because it reminds me so much of my family. So, enjoy this acoustic version of Holiday Road.


Watch List

It’s that time of the year where there’s not too much new stuff on TV. It’s a lot of re-runs or Christmas movies. Sure, we all like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Christmas Story, Elf, and so on and so on. But, over here in the USA they start playing these before Thanksgiving and we’re already tired of them. So, this brings me to my list of shows that I can’t get enough of. Maybe you can get them on Demand or on Netflix but I wanted to share them with you.

Ballers – An original HBO American comedy/drama series starring Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock – Dwayne plays a retired NFL player that’s now a financial manager. Listen, I’ll be the first to tell you, I’m not a sports fan nor do I watch much football. But, this show is witty, legitimate, provocative, amusing and just fantastic. I don’t know any show like it which makes me want more of it. It reels me in teaching me the trash talk in the locker rooms, how to understand football and even investments. It’s like a window into the secrets and drama behind the athlete’s. It shows me how easily an athlete can be traded and how quick your life can flip upside down. Rob Corddry is hilarious in this show. You might remember him from Hot Tub Time Machine. This guy is spectacularly funny. I have to mention John David Washington as well as he’s incredibly talented just like his father Denzel Washington and he is very easy on the eyes, wink wink. He’s indecisive on his career on the show but has a heart of gold.Seriously, he’s a beautiful man. Fellas, there’s a lot of beautiful women on this this series as well. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a little clip for you…

Good Behavior – TNT – American Drama starring Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego Botto -It’s based on the novel series written by Blake Crouch. Michelle plays Letty Dobesh, a southern girl but she’s a thief and con-artist. Juan plays Javier which is a hired hit man. When these two met under unusual circumstances it was fucking electric. I can’t get enough of this series. They’re not producing these episodes quick enough for me. Every time I watch an episode I’m left missing these characters. The chemistry between them is entrancing. They’re damaged, reckless, dangerous, mesmerizing, stimulating, and bad ass. Here’s a clip…..

Quarry – Cinemax – This drama is set in 1972 when a marine Mac Conway AKA Quarry returns home from Vietnam. This show is real to me. So real that I can imagine how difficult it was for our soldiers to come home from Vietnam. It’s not all gloom and doom, it’s alluring with the twists and many turns of Quarry’s struggles. It’s nail biting at times and the music is sensational. Logan Marshall-Green is an exceptional actor. He’s disgruntled, angry, confused, sensitive and loves his wife. He will do anything to keep her. Here’s a clip….

Life In Pieces – CBS – If you’re looking for a comedy this is by far the funniest show on right now in my opinion. They’re engaging, playful, and warm. Every family has a little dysfunction and this show shows it all. Here’s a clip…..

Enjoy the holidays and be safe loves!

Mullet Monday

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Simon!!! Please stop over at his place and give him a birthday greeting? He’s my bloggy besticle 😂

Now lets getty up loves…at least it’s a short week for us right? 

My Bro

Today is my bro’s birthday so why not share an old post?

Fabulous With Glitches

This is a very heavyhearted subject for me to blog about. When I blog about family or my past it seems to take a lot out of me mentally and then I turn to mush for 24 hours.

Ever since I started my blog I’ve wanted to blog about him, My Bro. I think his story is despairing but also a bit of a mental survival story.

Since he was born, he was different in many ways. He had blonde white hair and looked so pure when he was a toddler. Almost cherub like? Growing up he said very little. If he did say anything it was a whisper or a mumble. He would mostly talk to me and my Mom. He and my Dad were two complete opposites. My Dad never spent any time with him. It was very sad. It was as if since my brother didn’t talk…

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Thursday’s Mood

Hi Loves, Today’s mood is all about my girl, Lex Jones. She is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. She’s been a friend of mine since high school. She’s incredibly talented and earns her money like a fucking boss. She’s self made and fantastically Bitchnificent. I adore this bad ass girl. She’s my people. Today is Lex’s birthday so please join me in this cyber blog birthday bash. I’m kicking it off with some awesome songs that I love and most definitely bring her to mind when I hear them. Happy Birthday Lex! I have a strong feeling this is going to be your year!