Say Walking Dead One More Time

For Christ sakes……What the fuck is so damn fantastic about this show??? 

I know…..I know….my husband reminds me that when the zombie apocalypse happens I’m on my own since I’m not a believer. Ha! See? My own husband is brainwashed with this fictional spaghetti bloody faced zombie shit.

We live in Georgia and because I love my husband so much I gave in and went on one of the WD tours. Oh My God….people take this zombie bullshit seriously on these tours. Of course I went because I adore him but he also held it over my head that he went to church on Mother’s Day for my Mom. So paybacks were due.

This show is ridiculous. How do they eat? Where do they get gas? Just the sound of the zombies growling, gurgling, and shuffling annoys the fuck out of me. I’m trying to sleep on a Sunday evening and you would think my husband was watching the superbowl. He’s angry and talking to the TV “Awe shit Carol!” while the bed I’m trying to sleep in (my comfy haven) is moving because he’s in so much turmoil he can’t relax. 

And ladies….what is so hot about guys that haven’t bathed in four years i.e. Rick & Daryl. Seriously?!?! What the fuck? They’re soooo NOT attractive. I mean even with a bath I don’t think they’re attractive. I will admit that Nic & Norman’s restaurant in Senoia is fabulous. I can remember overhearing two older guys discussing the script with paperwork all over their table. That was kinda cool. 

Honestly…. I think I would rather watch the debates all over again, prep for a colonoscopy and have a fucking root canal all at once than to watch WD. 

But I know without a doubt a lot of my bloggy friends watch it so if you’re a fan….you enjoy yourself tonight. Ick. 



  1. The V Pub · October 24

    I love TWD. Almost as much as boobs. Almost. 😉

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  2. Jim · October 24

    actually I’m going to be watching “Poldark” on PBS at 8:00.

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  3. what sandra thinks · October 24

    The first time I ever saw the show, when it was over, I turned to my husband and said… “What the hell is wrong with you that you like this show??!?” He had no response. I have watched a lot of it but not religiously… and I’ve skipped entire seasons. I do think the show is well written… well made. But it makes me TOO anxious. And it’s SO fucking depressing. I have a lot of trouble watching… for obvious reasons. (Well, totally obvious to you, anyway…) It’s usually too much for me.

    (However, when Rick is a bit cleaned up and he speaks with his “real” accent (British), I could listen to him for hours… but I suppose that’s just my little British-accent fetish…)

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  4. ladieswholunchreviews · October 24

    I have no interest in watching it either. Just don’t get the appeal!

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  5. Wendy · October 24

    I’m laughing my butt off. Never watched it. My husband doesn’t watch it, he likes to watch golf, which is about as fun as watching paint dry.
    Yea, I’m not sure I could go through the debates again….I could suck it up and watch WD if I didn’t have to go through this election cycle….maybe one episode. Maybe.
    Rob’s comments about Boobs don’t bite. Funny Funny.

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  6. Woebegone but Hopeful · October 24

    Oooh Lennon, you’ve brightened up my life! Here wuz me thinking I was a grumpy ol’ UK fert because I didn’t ‘get’ the zombie thing.
    I’ve had it up to here (two inches about my 5′ 7″ frame) with zombies!! (And aesthetically beautiful vampires of either gender!)….and don’t get me started on every lad’s dream-girl werewolf!!
    (Pause to calm down…catch breath and realise gone way off-topic)
    The whole thing was doing fine and should have stopped at Buffy & Angel….. well maybe Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden’s file..they were cool.
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to have a good ol’ fashioned rant!
    Take care, there’s a Monday out there.

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    • Lennon Carlyle · October 24

      Ha! Yay! So happy you think like I do! Yeah, I’ve been avoiding the word Monday all weekend long. Here it is 😦 Wah.

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  7. sonofabeach96 · October 24

    Never watched a minute. I have zero clue what all the fuss is about…nor do I care. 😃

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  8. The Nasty Wench · October 24

    I’m not the only person on the planet who doesn’t watch TWD? There are others out there!! Everybody I know watches it like an addict and I absolutely don’t get it. I tried, albeit not very hard and under duress…but, nope.

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  9. grandfathersky · October 27

    Ick for sure, and they say watching porn is a waste of time!

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    • Lennon Carlyle · October 27

      Ha! I would definitely rather watch porn 😂

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      • grandfathersky · October 27

        I even saw a YouTube video on the top 5 Zombie Apocalypse Bug Out Vehicles. I’m sure there’s a psychology behind it but not sure what it fulfills in people – Walking Dead that is 😉

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  10. Lady G · October 27

    I am so on board with you Lennon!
    Honestly, I don’t know any Black folks that watch that zombie shit!
    I guess our asses are going to be left behind too 🙂
    You can hang with me love 🙂
    We’ll just have to figure the shit out POST apocalypse 🙂

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    • Lennon Carlyle · October 27

      Girl!!!! Black folks love some WD! Where you been? 😂 I’ve got at least 8 friends that are serious die hard zombie freaks! WTF?? LMAO

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      • Lady G · October 28

        NAW!!!! Girl you gotta be kidding me! I don’t know no black folks that look at that mess 🙂
        Am I going to lose my sista card? LOL!!!

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      • Lennon Carlyle · October 28

        You are too funny!!!

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