Mullet Monday

Wake up ghosts goblins, and zombies. It’s Monday & Halloween….time to put on your costumes and misbehave. Let’s go stir up some choas! 


1960’s Male Artists/Hits + Cars

I’ve been patiently waiting for months to start this series. This will probably be my favorite series EVER. I love cars….basically I love fast cars in general. I wanted to do a series with male artists and of course cars. Let’s put the pedal to the medal and crank up some music shall we? Although I wasn’t even thought of in the 60’s I am a big fan of 60’s music.

The Who – My Generation – 1965 – This is my go to song when I’m leaving work and it’s 74 degrees and I’ve got the top down and I’m on the interstate driving 80 – 90 mph and my hair whipping in the wind. There’s not a better feeling….not even chocolate and sex. Ha! So, whether you have a motorcycle, camaro, mini van, or SUV, roll the windows down and blast this rebellious song and free your inhibitions.

For this year, I chose this 1965 Buick Riviera, isn’t she sexy? Love the color too. Photo Credit: Top Notch Customs…..65-buick-riviera-cred-top-notch-customs

The Temptations – Ain’t Too Proud To Beg – Not only do I love to hear their music but I can’t get enough of their performances. No matter where you are or what you’re doing when you hear those voices and the harmony you have to snap your fingers and sing along don’t you?

1966 Cadillac DeVille – Photo Credit: DaddyDerek CarDomain …..Smooth, luxurious, stunning…Sigh….


The Doors – Light My Fire – 1967 – Jim Morris had swag before we ever knew what the fuck swag meant didn’t he? Incredible vocals and he made everyone want to be bad didn’t he?

This song I thought needed a 1967 Pontiac GTO – This is the kind of car where you almost have a wreck when you stretch your neck to take a better look at it. Photo Credit:


The Beatles – Come Together – 1969 – I cannot stress to you how much I love the Beatles. I mean, My blog name is Lennon?! Why couldn’t my parents have been die hard Beatles fans and named me this? I have tons of T-shirts, a huge poster in my guest room, coffee mugs and my vanity plate on my mustang is “SHKITUP” I wanted Twist & Shout but too many letters. These guys laid down some incredible tracks. They were a phenomenon in their time and it was well deserved.

I chose the 1969 MGB for this year, Photo Credit: Pinterest & Classicar Garage


Hoping you’re digging this series….stay tuned for next Sunday’s 70’s edition!






2000’s Part IV Finale – Female Artists/Hits

Hi Loves, Normally I post this series on Sunday’s but I have something special planned for this Sunday so thought I’d go ahead and wrap up the finale of the female artists/hits. Myself and Lex  have really enjoyed ourselves putting these installments together.

Avril Lavigne – Scrappy little thing isn’t she? She was pretty much the opposite of Christina & Britney and came out swinging with her hits. She was a teen sensation and we could all relate to her lyrics. This one is my favorite.

Jennifer Lopez Ft. Ja Rule, Cadillac Tah, & Ashanti  –  Ain’t It Funny/Murder Remix …… How could I forget Jlo? This is my favorite song/video of hers – I love everything about it, the head tilt, the strut, the bangs, especially the karate chop. Ja Rule knows what he’s talking about when he says “must be da ass” because we all know she has an incredible ass don’t we? Ha.

Beyonce – Upgrade U Ft. Jay-Z – Listen, she brings more swag than any other species like EVA in this video. If you ask me, Jay-Z got served. She is a Queen….bow down everyone, she is the shit.

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money – There we so many to choose of Rihanna’s hits but I particularly love this one because the video is like a mini movie and tells the story. Besides, someone owed me money when this song came out and I could totally relate and I had vivid dreams about stringing him up naked and torturing him. Nope, I’d never do that but it’s fun to imagine it. Rihanna is more than edgy…she’s gangsta, wicked, and scary-sexy-hot.

That wraps it up. Stay tuned for Sunday’s series.Happy Friday Loves!

Thursday’s Mood

I am loving this song so much. I already loved her but this jazzy magical song is stuck in my head and I play it over and over again on Spotify. It really shows off her smooth vocals. Jason who co-wrote the song is pretty fantastic on piano along with the famously talented Roots on The Tonight Show. Enjoy Loves!


-In Honor Of Hump Day – If A Guy Is Weirded Out By Your Pubic Hair, Don’t Fuck Him — Thought Catalog

@_saraheiseman_ To be hairy down there or not to be, that is the question. — Shakespeare I’ll be real, I don’t have a hard stance on pubic hair either way. For me, it depends on the weather, my budget, and how I happen to be feeling that day. I’ve Brazilian’d, shaved, left a cute landing…

via If A Guy Is Weirded Out By Your Pubic Hair, Don’t Fuck Him — Thought Catalog


I was going to use “Suffering From RMS” as the subject line but thought better of it. I’m not suffering, other people are. RMS: Restless Mouth Syndrome Examples…. 1.) Your B…

Source: RMS

Say Walking Dead One More Time

For Christ sakes……What the fuck is so damn fantastic about this show??? 

I know…..I know….my husband reminds me that when the zombie apocalypse happens I’m on my own since I’m not a believer. Ha! See? My own husband is brainwashed with this fictional spaghetti bloody faced zombie shit.

We live in Georgia and because I love my husband so much I gave in and went on one of the WD tours. Oh My God….people take this zombie bullshit seriously on these tours. Of course I went because I adore him but he also held it over my head that he went to church on Mother’s Day for my Mom. So paybacks were due.

This show is ridiculous. How do they eat? Where do they get gas? Just the sound of the zombies growling, gurgling, and shuffling annoys the fuck out of me. I’m trying to sleep on a Sunday evening and you would think my husband was watching the superbowl. He’s angry and talking to the TV “Awe shit Carol!” while the bed I’m trying to sleep in (my comfy haven) is moving because he’s in so much turmoil he can’t relax. 

And ladies….what is so hot about guys that haven’t bathed in four years i.e. Rick & Daryl. Seriously?!?! What the fuck? They’re soooo NOT attractive. I mean even with a bath I don’t think they’re attractive. I will admit that Nic & Norman’s restaurant in Senoia is fabulous. I can remember overhearing two older guys discussing the script with paperwork all over their table. That was kinda cool. 

Honestly…. I think I would rather watch the debates all over again, prep for a colonoscopy and have a fucking root canal all at once than to watch WD. 

But I know without a doubt a lot of my bloggy friends watch it so if you’re a fan….you enjoy yourself tonight. Ick. 

2000’s Part III Female Artists/Hits

Hey Loves, it’s time for the third installment of the 2000’s.

Keyshia Cole – Shoulda Let You Go Ft. Amina – Keyshia is a Cali girl and has ties to MC Hammer and Tupac. Her voice is exceptional. I loved her reality show The Way It Is – This is by far my favorite song of hers although she has many amazing songs.

Pink – So What – Pink and I have a lot in common. Nope, I don’t have pink spiked hair but her attitude and personality is in sync with mine. She’s saucy, brash, and dangerous. I love this girl and anything she sings is fantastic. Her songs are sometimes humorous, heartfelt or kick ass. Either way, you’re sure to play them over and over again.

Kelly Clarkson – Walk Away – This song got me through a lot of shit in my life. Anytime I went through something where I felt less than zero I would blast this song and feel like I was back in control again. We all know Kelly was discovered on American Idol. She’s went on to do big things. I especially love her Christmas album Wrapped In Red.

Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You – She is such an elegant, classic, sweet soul isn’t she? When we hear her voice we are in a trance. She mesmerizes us all with her songbird voice. Her beauty is exquisite too.