Hump Day Shenanigans

Hump Day Shenanigans!

Fabulous With Glitches

Get your hump on today loves 🙂


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  1. The V Pub · September 28, 2016

    I really need a klondike bar right now.

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  2. tarnishedsoul · September 28, 2016

    I knew there was a reason I luv you, Lennon…lol

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  3. Meg Sorick · September 28, 2016

    LMAO! These are great! Thanks, as always for laugh, darlin’!


  4. Woebegone but Hopeful · September 28, 2016

    The world needs Lennon!

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  5. Wendy · September 28, 2016

    My brother-in-law tells people he does porn. He got asked for his password at Home Depot, and then went into this long story about his ‘porn star’ life and embarrassed the girl behind the counter terribly.
    The things he comes up with.

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  6. Just Joan · September 28, 2016

    That first one reminded me of a t-shirt I saw a few years ago when WWJD was popular. It said “What Would Jesus Do For a Klondike Bar?” Anyway, thanks for the Wednesday laughs, Lennon! 🙂

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