Mullet Monday

Join me in my distaste for Monday’s? Because seriously, if Monday had a hair style it would definitely be a mullet right?






  1. liverpoolmunky76 · September 19

    That sums up my monday, although the period cramps are pretty much theoretical for me as you can imagine

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    • Lennon Carlyle · September 19

      Ha!!! Thank God I don’t have that issue anymore. You’re lucky you never has that experience 👍

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  2. The V Pub · September 19

    I’m getting a tiny hint that maybe, and just maybe, that you don’t really like Mondays? 😀

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    • Lennon Carlyle · September 19

      I used to be the biggest cheerleader on Monday’s when I first started this blog. But, the past few months have been insane for me at work. I got a promotion and I feel like I’m chasing my tail constantly. That’s where Mullet Monday arrived LOL

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  3. Wendy · September 19

    That’s awesome. Good way to start the week!


  4. Lady G · September 19

    Lennon your ass needs to be ON STAGE LIVE !!!!

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    • Lennon Carlyle · September 19

      No way girl! I remember trying out for Star Search at some bar and when they asked me questions I fucking froze! Deer in headlights! LOL

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      • Lady G · September 19

        Girl that was THEN! I bet you could do it NOW!!! Well not Star Search but something like it! DO IT!!!

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  5. Stacey Loring · September 20

    Monday’s suck. Today my boss asked if I was sick. I said, I’m not awake, come back and talk to me around 10. Seriously the weekend is never long enough. It should really be 3 days

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