Thursday’s Mood

Today’s mood goes out to my one and only. The hubz is quite private. I’ve only blogged about him once. He is without a doubt my shining star. I love this song and this is one of the many songs that make me think of him. He’s one of a kind and I mean that in the best of ways. He allows me to just be ME. He loves me with all of the glitches, snags, quirks, the anger issues and the RMS (restless mouth syndrome) and all. He’s definitely seen me at my very worst and still married me, go figure. Enjoy this beautiful song loves, watch these moves. The Manhattans are so fantastic.


Hump Day Shenanigans Continued…

Morning Loves! I’ve been sharing each week a segment of my fictional story The Chicago Presentation. Here’s Part IV in the link below. Please check it out and let me know your thoughts. Also, if you could follow the blog that would be great too. It’s a blog that I post on from time to time (my darker sexual side) along with some other friends.

1990’s Part III Female Artists/Hits By Lennon

Welcome to the country segment of the 90’s. Wait, don’t go?! I know, I know, you would’ve never thought I’d post country now would you? Well, back in the day when I lived in the mountains of Tennessee I had  a ton of girlfriends that loved country and they loved line dancing and going to country concerts. So, I went with the flow. I began listening to country. Back in the 90’s there was something different about it. It felt like home to me listening to it. Country music makes you feel welcomed. There were strong female country artists that wrote and sang from the heart. So, why not take you down my memory lane? Maybe I can persuade you to dip your toe in the muddy water? Ha. Give it a listen….

Chely Wright – Single White Female – Let’s chat about Chely….she is one of the very first country artists to announce that she’s a lesbian. That was in 2010 and she came out to raise concern about bullying and hate crimes against being gay. I have a deep respect for this woman. She hid her sexuality for years and finally stepped up. I commend her for being brave and inspiring others. This song is amazing by the way and she is strikingly beautiful.

Faith Hill – The Way You Love Me – I had a serious woman crush on Faith. Come on, she is gorgeous and her songs really got to me. She’s a fantastic performer too.

Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon – These chicks were the black sheep of country music. They were meant to be heard. They had something to say. Whether you agreed with their lyrics or not you were going to listen. They had a rockabilly feel that you just couldn’t stop listening to. Their fashion taste was off the charts and they shook things up for sure.

Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much – Well she impressed us all didn’t she? Sexy, stunning, a voice that wouldn’t quit…Shania was a star and still is. She had a tough childhood and made something of herself regardless of the speed bumps along the way.

Martina McBride – Wild Angels – This little firecracker has a very powerful voice. Her songs always had heart. They were deep and relevant in each hit. She had no problem expressing herself.

SHeDAISY – Lucky 4 You – When I listen to this group it puts a smile on my face. They’re quirky, fun, fabulous and are sisters. The harmonization between their voices….on point. These girls got me through some tough times with their songs.

So there’s my little piece of country for all of you. Come back next Sunday for Part IV (finale) of the 90’s female artist hits – I hope you enjoyed this segment!

Hi Loves!

It honestly feels like it’s been months since I’ve blogged. I know, I’ve been posting my regularly scheduled stuff like Mullet Monday, Hump Day Shenanigans, Thursday’s Mood, etc. I just haven’t had the opportunity to blog on my personal life and what’s been going on in Lennon’s little world.

Let’s start off with me “movin’ on up” in the company. I got a promotion a month or so ago. I’m now a supervisor. You all know how bossy I can be right? Well they’re actually paying me to be a boss finally. But, I’m limited on what I can and can’t do. The owner won’t allow me to fire anyone but that’s probably because he knows I would terminate half the staff immediately. Anyway, more money, more problems. Now I have more responsibilities and I’m still having to do my current job as well until they hire someone to fill my shoes. It’s been very stressful doing both. I bring work home with me and it’s taking up so much of my time now.

A very dear friend of mine is going through a deep depression. She was admitted  yesterday into a mental facility. It’s breaking my heart. I want to run to her rescue but I cannot due to work. Also, she’s not allowed any visitors. I’m worried sick about her. She lives about five hours away. A friend told me she will be in their a while until they figure things out. She’s lost a lot of people in her life and has been through so much. She told the doctor’s that she was lonely and felt no reason to live. She stopped eating and drinking and taking her medications three days ago. She decided to reach out for help and I’m so thankful for that.

I’ve been trying to keep up with all of your blogs and to stop by and comment occasionally. My apologies if I’ve not been stopping by regularly or in a timely manner. Life gets so busy and we have to stop for a moment and take the extra time to connect don’t we? Thank you for stopping in and reading and commenting. I love hearing from all of you. You’re such a supportive bunch and I appreciate each of you.

Once I get someone trained at work and things start slowing down hopefully I’ll be able to post more upbeat, personal, and inspiring stuff. For now it’s back to the regular scheduled stuff.

Hang in there loves, tomorrow’s Friday. Hope you’re all doing well and remember, take some time for yourself like me whenever you can to get if off your chest and out here in the blog world.

Hugs & Love! Lennon


Thursday’s Mood

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. So much going on. Work stress, inessential drama, more responsibilities and the list goes on. My frame of mind this morning is raging with determination so what better song to blare than Headstrong by Trapt? Grinning wickedly and will be rocking out on the way to work this morning.