1990’s Part III Female Artists/Hits By Lennon

Welcome to the country segment of the 90’s. Wait, don’t go?! I know, I know, you would’ve never thought I’d post country now would you? Well, back in the day when I lived in the mountains of Tennessee I had  a ton of girlfriends that loved country and they loved line dancing and going to country concerts. So, I went with the flow. I began listening to country. Back in the 90’s there was something different about it. It felt like home to me listening to it. Country music makes you feel welcomed. There were strong female country artists that wrote and sang from the heart. So, why not take you down my memory lane? Maybe I can persuade you to dip your toe in the muddy water? Ha. Give it a listen….

Chely Wright – Single White Female – Let’s chat about Chely….she is one of the very first country artists to announce that she’s a lesbian. That was in 2010 and she came out to raise concern about bullying and hate crimes against being gay. I have a deep respect for this woman. She hid her sexuality for years and finally stepped up. I commend her for being brave and inspiring others. This song is amazing by the way and she is strikingly beautiful.

Faith Hill – The Way You Love Me – I had a serious woman crush on Faith. Come on, she is gorgeous and her songs really got to me. She’s a fantastic performer too.

Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon – These chicks were the black sheep of country music. They were meant to be heard. They had something to say. Whether you agreed with their lyrics or not you were going to listen. They had a rockabilly feel that you just couldn’t stop listening to. Their fashion taste was off the charts and they shook things up for sure.

Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much – Well she impressed us all didn’t she? Sexy, stunning, a voice that wouldn’t quit…Shania was a star and still is. She had a tough childhood and made something of herself regardless of the speed bumps along the way.

Martina McBride – Wild Angels – This little firecracker has a very powerful voice. Her songs always had heart. They were deep and relevant in each hit. She had no problem expressing herself.

SHeDAISY – Lucky 4 You – When I listen to this group it puts a smile on my face. They’re quirky, fun, fabulous and are sisters. The harmonization between their voices….on point. These girls got me through some tough times with their songs.

So there’s my little piece of country for all of you. Come back next Sunday for Part IV (finale) of the 90’s female artist hits – I hope you enjoyed this segment!


1990’s Part II Female Artists/Hits – By Lennon

The 90’s were an adventurous time for female artists.  It was edgier beats and unabashed lyrics. It was a significant era to say the least. Some artists made you want to wear flannel, some made us think we could get away with not wearing a bra or shaving our armpits. But, there were some that inspired us to move provocatively and to embrace our feminine side along with our sexuality. Either way, it was monumental without a doubt.

En Vogue – My Lovin’ You’re Never Gonna Get It – A few things come to mind when I think of En Vogue – High-Class, Ingenious, Seductive, and Fearless. These ladies were skilled and arrived to show us females it was time to take charge. They were serious business loves.

Mariah Carey – Fantasy Featuring O.D.B. aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard – RIP ODB (His sound was electric and when you heard his rhymes you knew who it was instantly…his style was original and everlasting) Now, let’s chat about Mariah, this was her time. Mariah is still going strong today but something about her in the 90’s was effervescent. She quickly became our pop sweetheart. She was radiant, shining, naturally beautiful and that remarkable voice….she was is one of a kind.

Queen Latifah – U.N.I.T.Y. Ok, so things have changed a little since Q came out with this one. But, it’s a classic. Back in the 90’s if you were called a bitch….that was grounds for female’s like myself taking off our earrings and a dude possibly getting the shit beat out of him. Now, my girls and I call each other bitch in an endearing way. Not sure about the rest of you but we do. I’m not saying it’s politically correct or you should call your spouse a bitch. It depends on your relationship and their sense of humor? But, this song commanded respect and we all had mad respect for Queen.

Alanis Morissette – You Oughta Know – Thoughts on this one? I can remember driving my red pontiac sunbird with the sunroof open on my way to the beach with my friend Sabrina and we heard it for the first time. Our conversation went something like this….”Say what? Did she just say that? Really? Turn it up girl!” Yep, Alanis had some anger issues.  Her lyrics were sick, twisted, resentful, and fucking scary and we all loved it didn’t we? But her smile….the hair….ALL OF IT. We wanted more! Bravo Alanis, Bravo! Thank you for being real and showing each of us it’s OK to be pissed off. Now when we feel demonic and want to scratch someone’s eyes out we can just blare this song instead of going to jail or hurting someone. We can sing along to release our hurt and disgust at the top of our fucking lungs and then move on can’t we? Well done girl, well done.

Fiona Apple – Criminal – Can we just talk about how Fiona made me feel when I heard this song? She made me feel wicked, carnal, sexual, and devilish. The beat was haunting and you couldn’t stop listening to it. Her voice was sizzling hot and whatever she was selling, we were buying. And look at those eyes will you? I have a feeling she made you feel exactly like me when you heard her sing.

That sums up Part II of the 90’s. Stop by next Sunday for Part III – I have a feeling the 90’s could possibly turn into four or five segments. I hope you’ll join me for more female artists editions. Have a fantastic Sunday loves. XOXO

1990’s Part 1 Female Artists/Hits

Lex Jones here, I am honored to be invited back to Lennon’s blog to write in her series about the lovely ladies of 1990’s music.  The nineties were a time of change.  We said goodbye to excesses of the 1980’s and began embracing the earthier side of life.  The Hair Metal bands that once ruled the charts were edged out by Grunge bands and the singer/songwriter types.  Music lyrics resembled those of the late 60’s and 70’s, questioning social injustice and tackling political issues.  With the birth of the internet, we became more informed and more aware of the world around us.

Women thrived in music in the 1990’s in each and every genre.  I would have to write a post the length of “War and Peace” to cover them all.  So in an effort to keep things moving, I am going to focus on my top 4.  I am going for the quirky, earthy, edgy and cool chicks as my picks.  So here goes:

Tori Amos:  Born the daughter of a Methodist minister, Tori was a young musical prodigy, studying at the Peabody Conservatory of Music at the age of five.  Her rebellious nature got her expelled by age 11, and she never looked back.  I was on the fence about her in the beginning.  I liked her.  She reminded me of Kate Bush.  And then she released her Under the Pink album and I was hooked.  I loved her song, “God” but “Cornflake Girl” remains my favorite.  (I never was a cornflake girl, either, Tori)

Sarah McLachlan:  Before the ASPCA commercials, we all knew Sarah as a singer/songwriting powerhouse who got fed up with the “boys club” and founded Lilith Fair.  Named after Adam’s first wife (in Jewish folklore), Lilith wanted to be seen as an equal to Adam, which caused discord and her eventual exit from Eden.  Sarah’s little festival featured some of the best female artists of all time.  I never had the opportunity to attend, but always wanted to go.  My favorite song is “Possession” on her Fumbling Towards Ecstasy album.  She wrote the song about her experience with a stalker.  She literally took words from his letters and put them into the lyrics.  He terrorized her for years and then had the nerve to try to sue her for plagiarism.  Can you imagine getting a letter from someone describing, “I’ll kiss you so hard, I’ll take your breath away…” Seriously scary shit.  But Sarah turned it around and made it into a hit.  YOU GO GIRL!

Joan Osborne:  She had one massive hit, although I enjoyed her entire album.  Her song, “One of Us” is still a favorite.  I loved her voice.  I related to the lyrics.  I had a girl-crush on Joan…with her long curly hair, sexy smile and that nose piercing.  She is still touring.  Still recording.  Still captivating.

Sheryl Crow:  I will admit, I HATED, “All I Wanna Do” and almost wrote Sheryl off completely.  But then I heard, “Leaving Las Vegas” and she was redeemed.  I loved the realness in her voice and enjoyed that she was also a musician.  My favorite Sheryl Crow songs are “Steve McQueen” “Home” with my all time fave being “If It Makes You Happy” I love the lyrics, “scrape the mold off the bread and serve you French toast again.”  She inspires me to live my life and make a better breakfast.

This just a sample of the ladies I loved in the 90’s.  Each one has a unique place in my fond memories of my life and times in the 1990’s…it was my heyday.  There are so many others I’d love to dish on, but time is fleeting.  Stay turned for Lennon’s second part of the 90’s next week!