1980’s Part III Female Artists/Hits

The 80’s were full of incredible female artists. So many to choose from. The eighties were flavorful, vibrant, and oh so memorable. Lets kick off the finale of this 80’s era with…..

Heart – Never  – That Hair! Seriously….can we just have a moment of silence for the hair? Cut the volume up and get your air guitar on. Yeah, sing along, you know the words don’t you? It’s OK, let it out. Belt out these lyrics…

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Head To Toe – What can I say about her…she was gorgeous, knew how to wear a banana clip, and had serious pipes. You recognized her voice instantly on the radio. No one sounded like her.

Pointer Sisters – Jump – I had a few dresses like this I might add. I didn’t have the hat though. Love this song. They had a ton of hits.

Patty Smyth – Warrior  -After many break up’s as a teenager this is the song that I would listen to. Such a great fucking song!

Expose – Let me Be The One – These chic’s were classy! Fabulous girl group!

Shannon – Let The Music Play – Who  hasn’t heard this song? Another song I loved to skate to. What a voice!

Last but not least…Irene Cara – Fame – Who remembers Solid Gold? I know I do! Who remembers Flashdance? OMG! One of my favorite movies ever. Irene Cara was so beautiful and this song just makes you feel like you can do anything!


That’s it for the 1980’s era. Next week we’ll be in the 1990’s and I can’t wait!



  1. T. Wayne · September 4, 2016

    All great songs this week! You also managed to fit in three of my crushes: Lisa Lisa, Gioia Bruno from Exposé (the lead singer on “Let Me Be The One”), and Irene Cara. What a triple play! LOL.

    Great series, Lennon! Can’t wait to see what the 90s bring!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lex Jones · September 4, 2016

    LOVED THESE PICKS!!! I don’t know if you remember, but I was the unofficial charter president of the Lisa-Lisa fan club in my area, as evidenced by the lace headband I wore all the time! OMG! And YESSSSS…Patti Smyth and Scandal’s “The Warrior” was the best! I always wanted to try the face paint from the video for Halloween. Let the Music Play, my friend! Great post to close out the 80’s!

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  3. zwanjay · September 5, 2016

    Oh my goodness, I loved Lisa Lisa. I was feeling that “Who’s That Girl” era Madonna too. Also, Janet Jackson Control. Awesome post — the ’80s definitely rocked.

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    • Lennon Carlyle · September 5, 2016

      Thanks! So happy you enjoyed it! Part I featured Janet & Madonna. Lisa Lisa was fantastic!

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  4. kimboxin · September 6, 2016

    This just made my day! I did not belt out the songs because I was sitting on my front porch, but I was mouthing the words, complete with hand gestures and chair dancing with my earbuds plugged in. You’re welcome for the free show, Downtown Raleigh! Can’t wait for the 90’s edition!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. courtrundell · October 9, 2016

    Spotifying “Let the Music Play” STAT.

    Liked by 1 person

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