Hump Day Shenanigans

Hump Day Shenanigans

Fabulous With Glitches


Now go get your hump on loves!

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My feelings exactly…After yesterday it feels like it should be Friday already. I know I shouldn’t wish my life away but Friday can’t get here quick enough. It’s a three day weekend coming up and we’re heading to the beach. I can imagine the sand in my toes….literally can’t wait. Hoping all of you have a great Tuesday!


Mullet Monday

I’m not one to brag or anything but I totally got out of bed this morning…….you feel me? Are you waking up thinking to yourself “Where did the weekend go?” Well, it’s fucking gone. So there. Ha!

Now let’s get it started today…





Here’s to all of us making it through the day and not hurting anyone right? 🙂


The 1980’s Part II Female Artists/Hits

Let’s just say I’m honored to have been a teenager in the 80’s. It’s my absolute favorite era. How could it not be? The music…..THE MUSIC was fucking magnificent! There was glam rock, new wave, hip hop, rap, punk, soft rock, take your pick. In 1981 MTV launched it’s new hip channel with all of the faces to go with the music and the moves! This channel flowed throughout our big ass chunky TV’s and we were hooked.

If you were a kid of the 80’s what were you wearing? I owned a few different colors of parachute pants, vans, jelly shoes, jordache jeans, asahi tennis shoes, and neon colored shirts. I had a mullet with a tight perm and eventually a purple rat tail. The bigger my hair the better. Ok so the hairstyle I had back then wasn’t anything to brag about but the clothes and the music were epic.

Let’s get on with the music! I know last week the incredible Lex Jones shared with you some major iconic female artists which was spectacular. No worries loves, she will definitely be back again real soon! If you missed last weeks post check it out: Part I 1980’s Female Artists/Hits

Part II:

We can’t possibly forget the fabulous Paula Abdul now can we? Forever Your Girl is so true as she’ll always be our girl. No matter what the mood is, if you hear this song no doubt it will put a smile on your face. Any time I think of Paula it makes me smile. Her positive happy upbeat energy is contagious!


Debbie Gibson…How could I forget this little nugget? She made us all think we could wear a hat and overalls. That sweet innocent pop voice had us dancing in our jammies at slumber parties. Only In My Dreams was my absolute favorite!

Teena Marie…she had me at Shoo de Ba – This girl claimed the stage when she performed. She was essential to our 80’s era. She was sexy and knew how to jam – RIP Sister, you were amazing!

Joan Jett – Whether you’re straight, bi, or gay she had some serious sex appeal. She made me want to kiss a girl. If you were to google BAD ASS her face should come up.She was H.O.T. and you listened up when she belted out her rock anthems.

Chaka Khan – I feel for you – I can remember skating to this song. The disco ball was spinning and I was hustlin’ in my skates and singing along.

Now go get your 80’s groove on and stay tuned for next weeks Part III loves!

1980’s Part III Female Artists/Hits

The 80’s were full of incredible female artists. So many to choose from. The eighties were flavorful, vibrant, and oh so memorable. Lets kick off the finale of this 80’s era with…..

Heart – Never  – That Hair! Seriously….can we just have a moment of silence for the hair? Cut the volume up and get your air guitar on. Yeah, sing along, you know the words don’t you? It’s OK, let it out. Belt out these lyrics…

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Head To Toe – What can I say about her…she was gorgeous, knew how to wear a banana clip, and had serious pipes. You recognized her voice instantly on the radio. No one sounded like her.

Pointer Sisters – Jump – I had a few dresses like this I might add. I didn’t have the hat though. Love this song. They had a ton of hits.

Patty Smyth – Warrior  -After many break up’s as a teenager this is the song that I would listen to. Such a great fucking song!

Expose – Let me Be The One – These chic’s were classy! Fabulous girl group!

Shannon – Let The Music Play – Who  hasn’t heard this song? Another song I loved to skate to. What a voice!

Last but not least…Irene Cara – Fame – Who remembers Solid Gold? I know I do! Who remembers Flashdance? OMG! One of my favorite movies ever. Irene Cara was so beautiful and this song just makes you feel like you can do anything!


That’s it for the 1980’s era. Next week we’ll be in the 1990’s and I can’t wait!

Erratic Text Conversations W/ Lennon

About two months ago my favorite contact at one of my suppliers left and went to work for another company. There’s a new guy now that I have to deal with. I’ve not had any issues with him yet until yesterday…

New Guy: I’ve got 62 of these converters ready for shipment. They’re shipping out today. You should have them by next week.

Me: Wait. What? My order had a Qty of 100 and to ship it complete

New Guy: Yeah but I have 62 ready now and I don’t know when I’ll have the remaining 38 ready for shipment.

Me: What part of “Ship Complete” do you not understand?! That sounds like a personal problem to me. Can you follow directions? I asked for 100 shipped complete and you’re going to send me 62??? That’s half ass and I don’t do half ass. You need to shit it or get it! Don’t ship me that half ass order…I want what I asked for. What’s the ETA on the complete order?

New Guy: They warned me about you. I should’ve known better. I’ll shit it and get it coming to you Ma’am.





Hump Day Shenanigans

I’m really upset right now….I mean seriously pissed. A lot of you know I also have a scandalous smut blog called “The Book Of Tatum” that I share with a few other bloggers. Well, they’ve suspended it. Shut it down….closed up shop…..out of business. I’m sure we posted something a little too risque or too X rated I’m assuming but couldn’t they have given a girl a heads up on what it was that did us in? Was it really that bad? It was soft porn if you ask me but maybe it wasn’t after all? Either way, I’m pissed because I have two series on that blog that I wrote and it wasn’t just sex, it was mystery, murder, and so much more. I built my characters, I used cities, hotels, etc. I worked hard at it just like my other bloggers did on their posts. I was going to share with you pieces of my series starting today but it’s not going to happen as it’s all gone. Bummer. I’ve sent WP two messages asking them how to retrieve my old posts or what did us in so that I can remove it, but no response.

Soooooo, onto our shenanigans loves……I’m dedicating this hump day to the singles out there or to those of you who are fighting with your partner, spouse, friend with benefits, etc. Are you on a break from your significant other? Or are they possibly out of town for the week? You know I’m a huge fan of masturbating right? There’s no secret that I’ve always been a fan really.

Let’s kick hump day off with touching ourselves or if you have someone to touch, go touch them? If not, imagine you’re touching whoever you want?

Gentlemen,  Chrissy Amphlett oozed sex appeal….those pouty full lips and those thigh highs and short skirt and the idea of her rolling around touching herself….you get the idea.



Ladies, whether this was before your time, after your time or whatever, Michael Hutchence’s dance moves from INXS were tempting us. He could melt fucking butter if it was in the fridge. Come on?! He was way ahead of his time with moves like that….his voice beckoned you….



I randomly picked these two artists/videos and then realized both have passed away. Although they’re gone way too soon, something tells me they would be very pleased they were featured in today’s hump day shenanigans. Now get to humping!


Finish Line


This one is hard to remember. I have goals…I’m a motivated person. I work extremely hard. For fuck’s sake I wear a head set to the bathroom at work so I’m working ALL the time. My work follows me home but I do get burned out sometimes. I hear the negative drama at work all around me. I don’t necessarily get involved with it but I hear it. I’m sure I’m known as the Snarky Bitch in the office but I’m there to do my job. So if I hear it I try to shut it down.

Currently one of our departments is slowly circling the drain. The technicians are moaning, complaining and moving slowly and they all actually just got a raise a few weeks ago. They’re treated like princess’ most of the time. If they do something wrong and get caught the management always says “It’s Ok, don’t worry about it.” They get away with a lot because they’re special….they have a talent in repairing things. These guys are hard to come by and difficult to find and keep happy. There are tons of competitors that want them.

But I swear they’re a pain in the ass and it’s almost as if they’re toddlers in a playpen and you’re having to change their diapers and powder their asses and give them a bottle every two hours. They want this and they want that and then when they talk it sounds like a newborn baby crying and I can’t really hear what they’re trying to tell me because I can’t stand their baby man voices.

Sorry, I got off on a rant and basically off the subject here about the baby men. Anyway, what my point is to this post is we can’t get caught up in that turmoil. We need to keep our eyes on that finish line to get shit done. I’m preaching to myself here more than all of you. Although the tech’s annoy me I can’t get intertwined in their temper tantrums. I need to just remind them of how good we do have it and how we’re fortunate to have jobs and tell them something positive to get them to move on from their whiny bitch melt downs.

So, mugs up and I’m going to wear my positive panties today and try very hard not to go off on anyone…… Wish me luck? Ha!




Mullet Monday

Stretch….Yawn…..Sigh… we are again loves – It’s Mullet Monday…..get that coffee in your system and get your daily dose of sarcasm right here. Be prepared for Monday’s speed bumps and have some witty shit to throw at people.