Releasing Hate

Normally I steer away from politics, sex, religion, and other topics that cause roaring and confrontation. But, I felt the need to blog about this one because I see or hear about it every single da…

Source: Releasing Hate


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  1. Woebegone but Hopeful · August 1, 2016

    Well worth repeating Lennon!
    Good for you for your solid words
    This world is getting smaller and there is no room for intolerance of any sort, much less hatred.
    I draw a big thick line when it comes to child sex-abuse after that… respectful as well as loving and that’s all I ask of you in whichever way you go.
    And you said it just right to your co-worker.
    Some of course go on about Sodom- if you sit down and read those verses, it’s like the first draft of ‘that’ scene from Deliverance, which is quite different matter
    Keep on being Lennon


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