Fabulous With Glitches

Unapologetic – Definition: not acknowledging or expressing regret.

There’s nothing more extraordinary, nor more dazzling than someone being unapologetically themselves; comfortable in their skin, along with their flaws, glitches and imperfections. I’m one of those people that are unapologetic.

In my lifetime I’ve had the attitude of…. What you see is what you get. I’m an acquired unique taste. Whatever is on my mind comes up and comes out, no filtration. You either love me or hate me, it’s that simple. Why would I want to be anything other than that? It’s how I’m built. I’m unashamed and confident.

Sometimes when a person knows what they want, what they need and is determined to go after it people tend to talk smack about them. What’s wrong with someone going after their dreams? Jealousy is a disease, they need to find the antidote fast.

Self-assurance is the key to success and…

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