Finding A Girlfriend – X Rated

So, it’s not hump day yet but with all of the sadness in the latest events I figured we could all use a laugh today to lighten the mood a little.

You were warned so you can’t complain in your comments below if you’re not feelin’ this one K? I absolutely LOVE Nikki Glaser’s show “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser” on the comedy channel. What can I say? I have a sick, twisted and warped sense of humor but the GOOD news is OBVIOUSLY a lot of other people do too or this show wouldn’t exist. Yes!!!! Others like me, thank goodness!

This clip is one of my favorites from her show. Have a laugh to get your day started šŸ™‚



  1. Jim · June 14, 2016

    well, that got my attention this morning. now why am I at work???

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  2. Jonathan · June 14, 2016


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  3. Woebegone but Hopeful · June 14, 2016

    OK, you got my attention….Was there a follow-up where she looked for a boyfriend for Nikki’s boyfriend? (Hey I’m not judging; just curious, with our nobility’s activities we’re used to it…..giggle-giggle)


  4. K E Garland · June 14, 2016

    ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤ ā¤


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