Friday New Releases – June 3rd

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Finally a Friday of new releases to get excited about. The last couple of weeks haven’t given me much that I enjoy.  I hope there is something that excites you.  The ones that I will be listening to first and probably the most are highlighted in blue.

  • 51jx+u86hkL._AC_US160_  Train – Does Led Zepplin II – (Crush Music) – Train is one of my favorite bands and I am anxious to listen to their take on Led Zeppelin II.  The great thing about this album is all proceeds go to charity.  The charity is Family House, which offers temporary lodging for families of ill children being treated at a hospital in San Francisco, the band’s hometown.  If you want to see what else I like by Train check it this post.
  • 61p-GhV3QtL._AC_US160_  Hellyeah – Unden!able – (Eleven Seven Music)– Hellyeah is such a heavy, in your face rock band and they…

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  1. The V Pub · June 4, 2016

    I believe that Train was once a Led Zep cover band. I love them as well and can’t wait to hear it. I’m looking forward to Paul Simon’s release as well. Graceland is one of my favorite CD’s.

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    • Lennon Carlyle · June 4, 2016

      Love Love Paul Simon and Led Zeplin of course too. Happy Saturday Rob…hoping you’re getting lots of R & R this weekend 🙂

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      • The V Pub · June 4, 2016

        One of my favorite Paul Simon factoids is from his song “Sound of Silence”. It begins “hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again”. Apparently, whenever he was stuck for ideas, he’d take his guitar into his bathroom and turn off the lights. Much less mystical than I thought those words meant! lol I’m at work today – last weekend for a while! Tomorrow will be R&R for sure! Have a great weekend!

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      • Lennon Carlyle · June 4, 2016

        Oh how I love music factoids and especially about artists I love. Thanks for sharing that one. Didn’t know it! 🙂

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