Essential Girls Nights Out

Essential Girls Night Out

Fabulous With Glitches

~ Sigh…..Yawn…..Stretch….(Like a cat of course) ~

As we all know, most of us ladies work 50+ hours a week. Whether you’re putting out fires in an office, hustling in sales, taking care of patients in a hospital, teaching first graders at school, jet setting off to make a presentation with a potentional new client, etc.

There’s something about a girls night out that soothes the smart-mouthed sassy soul don’t you think? It gives us the opportunity to dress up, drink cocktails, dish on our dating lives or our married lives.

It’s always so sweet when our boyfriends, husbands or partners compliment us. But, yes, a huge BUT, there’s nothing like hearing it from your Besties AKA Ride Or Die Bitches.

I personally have multiple groups of girlfriends in different cities I’ve lived in. There’s a bond between us that seems armored and everlasting.

This past weekend I visited my…

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