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Memorial Day is so much more than a 3 day weekend for me.

I recognize the sacrifice made not just by my family, but by our nations armed forces to keep us safe.

Blood has been shed for generations by the patriots of our country so that we can enjoy what freedoms we have left.

Our country is at a crossroads in this political discourse. And this political season has been a doosey!

Could I appeal to the American Patriot in you this year?

I don’t care if you are a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, socialist, communist, atheist, evangelical, union, free trade,north, south, east coast, west coast, vegan, transgender, gay, straight,bi, muslim, Yoghi, confused, or whatever….Pee where you want, I can handle it, women’s room or men’s room, oh hell….just pull to the side of the road and drop em. Who cares?

If you live here, in the US. If you…

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Everyone Has A Story


We often pre-judge don’t we? We stereo type and immediately jump to conclusions. I hate that about myself. I’m a work in progress. I catch myself doing it and instantly feel guilty.

Everyone does have a story. We have sequels….some are slow moving and don’t catch our attention. But the next one is keeping us on the edge or makes our minds work overtime trying to understand the twists. A few sequels are shameful and we can’t believe what the character just did. How could they?

Sometimes people go through storms, hurricanes, torrential downpours and accidents happen. There’s wreckage afterwards and a lot of clean up afterwards. Some people don’t have the Disaster Relief Agencies to come to their rescue.

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had some shit storms in life right? Did you have someone there for you to just listen?

When my friends and family tell me their problems I right away start analyzing ways to help them out of their situation. Maybe they don’t need me to fix it for them or to come up with ideas on how to address the problem. Can’t I just shut up and listen and allow them to vent? Of course I can.

I need to heed to my own advice. I write this blog mostly talking to myself. If you read this and get something from it that’s fantastic. But I use this blog as a journal/diary too because I do go back and read my stuff from time to time. It helps me to remind myself of the right things to do and I can learn from my writing this way.

In this case….I need to listen always before judging. I have no clue of the dues that someone has paid nor have I seen their receipts. I need to remember they have stories just like me.

So let’s fill our lives with our stories…whether they’re scary, sad, adventurous, thrilling, loving, or happy let’s make it the craziest finale ever.

Who Rescued Who



I’m enjoying my cup of java this morning listening to the birds chirp while the sun makes it’s way around the corner of our back deck.

Mr. Cheese is sluggish and still stretching out the back kinks as we welcome the cool and tranquil 70 degree weather.

This coffee mug says it all. Sure I found Cheesy in jail, prison, The Pin, The Big House 16.5 years ago. But in so many ways he rescued me. I had just went through my divorce and needed a companion. I needed something to love and someone to love me.

I hit the jackpot when he rescued me. He’s loved me unconditionally all of these years and all he asks in return is some cuddles, kibbles and a walk.

That’s not much is it? I strongly encourage you to adopt a mutt or a cat before spending tons of money on a registered purebred. This scruffy fish breath 20 lb ball of fur has to be the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

Happy Sunday Loves! 🐶🐾

Essential Girls Nights Out

Essential Girls Night Out

Fabulous With Glitches

~ Sigh…..Yawn…..Stretch….(Like a cat of course) ~

As we all know, most of us ladies work 50+ hours a week. Whether you’re putting out fires in an office, hustling in sales, taking care of patients in a hospital, teaching first graders at school, jet setting off to make a presentation with a potentional new client, etc.

There’s something about a girls night out that soothes the smart-mouthed sassy soul don’t you think? It gives us the opportunity to dress up, drink cocktails, dish on our dating lives or our married lives.

It’s always so sweet when our boyfriends, husbands or partners compliment us. But, yes, a huge BUT, there’s nothing like hearing it from your Besties AKA Ride Or Die Bitches.

I personally have multiple groups of girlfriends in different cities I’ve lived in. There’s a bond between us that seems armored and everlasting.

This past weekend I visited my…

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RMS – An Older Post

Fabulous With Glitches

I was going to use “Suffering From RMS” as the subject line but thought better of it. I’m not suffering, other people are.

RMS: Restless Mouth Syndrome


1.) Your Bestie shows up for lunch and has fire engine red hair with purple streaks which do not flatter her beautiful italian olive complexion one bit. You link your arm in hers and do a U-turn “Don’t sit, we’re leaving to get a box of Clairol, your hair looks hideous and you shouldn’t be seen out in public like this.”

2.) Talking smack about your boss to one of our colleagues and The Boss is standing right behind you hanging on every fucking word. Yeah, I do shit like this and still have a job… go figure?

3.) Butt dialing your husband while singing Trap Queen by Fetty Wapp.

4.) Answering your bosses questions in gangsta talk while he’s driving around…

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Hump Day Shenanigans Part II

Now Ladies…..you didn’t honestly think I’d leave you hanging now did you? I have to take care of my girls.

I mean how can you go wrong with Adam Levine dancing like Mick Jagger without a shirt on? Those Tattoos…

I’m not much into country music at all. BUT, for this one, I’ll make an exception…can I get an Amen?


And last but not least, I’m a huge fan of LL Cool J and most of all this song. This was my jam back in the day. Isn’t he beautiful?



Hump Day Shenanigans Part I

Today I thought I’d change it up a bit for our humping pleasure….Music! So, get these grooves in your mind and hump away!

Something for the fellas…

Can’t go wrong with The Pussycat Dolls, I mean Nichole Scherzinger, come on….just look at her!

Me being from the south and all I have to include a southern girl. Jessica Simpson will make you want to slap your Mama am I right gentlemen?

And I cannot forget my girl Beyonce, Day-umn!