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Happy Hump Day Loves!


Monday – Watch Out

Who’s ready to hustle tomorrow? I know I am. Bring it…

Some of the man babies at work got under my skin on Friday. Two of them (my bosses) actually had the nerve to tell me to e-mail a client that a $7,000 control motor wouldn’t be covered under warranty. This client has only had the equipment three months if that. I knew it would be covered under warranty and I told the man babies this but they thought they knew it all and I was just a dumb girl that doesn’t know jack shit about anything.

I start drafting the e-mail to the client and as they both stand over me to make sure that I do it. They continue to talk in their limp dick language about how they know the guidelines for parts warranties and so on. Finally they take a breath from their conversation and I hear silence. Sweet silence. I took that opportunity to read my e-mail out loud….

 Hi Gordon,

I’ve been elected to give you some bad news.  You see, my service manager and the CEO have come to the conclusion that although Unit # 1127 is only three months old and has less than 2,000 hours on it, the control motor will not be covered under warranty. Never mind that you paid over $60,000 for that piece of equipment and you have another one on order and might possibly need two more by the end of the year. We hope that you’ll understand that these motors are not part of the warranty agreement. I offered to contact the manufacturer myself but they both agreed there was no need and feel very confident in their knowledge that this is not covered.

I’ll need you to e-mail me the PO# for this control motor so that I can order it for you and get your unit back up and running again. My apologies that this is not covered. 

I could hear grunting and clearing of man baby throats as I was typing and reading it out loud. Finally a voice cracked and said “Wait! Don’t press send!  Let me go on line and check the warranty agreement.” Me: “I’ve already checked it and printed it out. I told you this is covered under warranty. What is wrong with you two? I had to read my e-mail out loud for you both to get it!?”

#1) I was livid that they made me type an e-mail to tell this client the bad news which was wrong news to begin with. Know what that means? I look like the dumb ass telling him it’s not covered under warranty. #2) They could’ve lost the sell if I hadn’t read that out loud to them. I honestly believe if I would’ve hit send this client would’ve told all of us to go fuck ourselves and to come get that piece of equipment the next damn day. I know I would have.

I bet they never make the mistake of me typing another e-mail for them dropping incorrect information or bad news again. Did you notice how I mentioned the both of them in the e-mail? I immediately identified who told me to send the e-mail. That’s right mother fuckers, I’m not taking the blame for this fucking fiasco.

I’m sure all of us are working with some real idiots. It’s difficult to plow through the day pretending to not notice how fucking stupid people are. But, let’s remember we’re there to collect a paycheck. What’s the saying? Service with a smile. We can throat punch them 850 times in our minds but let’s not physically do it right loves?

This song came to mind on Friday.

Gwen nailed it sarcastically didn’t she?

So, I thought I’d give you some encouraging quotes for Monday’s Trying Moments….




So go punch Monday in the face loves! Hustle hard and don’t put up with any bullshit 🙂


Bad Ass Chic’s

Because I’m not feeling too inspired today to write, why not share an old post of mine…

Fabulous With Glitches

This week has been raging with problems at work. A lot of unnecessary political bullshit drama. Seems as though vendors are fucking me over every single day the first week of 2016. It’s really made me question if I’m in the right line of work. I’ve got to do some serious soul searching in the next couple of weeks on my next move or if I’m staying put.

Today my spirits were lifted by one of my favorites. You’ve read about her before and I like to call her “My Little Pretty.” She texted me this little gem of a song Bad Mama Jama today with “Here’s your throwback theme song for today, Bad Ass!” Talk about putting a smile on my face and making me laugh. It’s almost as if she senses something’s up with my little world and that I’m about to lose my shit and go insane!

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Thursday Memories

So why not start something new for Thursdays….I love doing the Hump Day Shenanigans on Wednesdays so I thought why not do something each Thursday.

I’d like to get to know each of you better and I thought why  not ask a personal question and let’s share great memories together.

Share with me your favorite birthday EVER. What is the most memorable birthday in your entire life? Was it a big party? Or was it something special that happened that you’ll never forget? Were you five years old, was it the sweet sixteen, or was it twenty one hitting the bars? Share it with me and everyone else here in a comment so we can take a trip down memory lane together.

My favorite birthday ever was when I turned 7 years old. My parents were still married and threw me a small birthday party. The birthday cake was Cinderella and all of my friends were there. We played games and gave prizes. I remember one of the games was who could blow the biggest bubble with their bubble gun. My cousin Charles won. It just seemed the most memorable one to me because everyone was happy and it seemed the most normal time in my life.

Ok Loves, do share with me your memories, can’t wait to read all about it! Don’t leave me hanging either LOL


Be Strong


Ok Loves, Whether it’s a normal Monday at work or your very first day on the job or possibly a job interview today. Whatever the day has in store for you be strong and make shit happen. Mugs Up!


Keep That

When I say “Keep That” I don’t mean hoarding or keeping that first bottle cap from the first date you had with what’s his face from 10th grade. I don’t mean keeping that memorabilia from the NKOTB tour.

I’m talking about those mistakes you’ve made, lessons you’ve learned, wrinkles you’ve acquired, the scars from playing football or falling off your bike.

Ladies, you know that wrinkle right above the two corners of your mouth that show up when you smile? Or that one breast that’s smaller than the other one? What about the mole on your cheek that you stare at every morning?

Fellas, what about the hair or fur on your back that looks like a sweater? Or that one toe that sticks out further than your big toe and looks strange? How about that one tooth that is sort of pointy compared to the rest of your teeth?

Are you possibly in a wheel chair or disabled? Do you have a lazy eye or a lisp? Who cares? Keep that. It’s what makes you YOU. Who cares what people think? I think if all of us had more confidence the world would be so much better. It’s time for each of us to be satisfied and certain of who we are.

We need to stop doubting our worth. We need to be secure about who we are. News Flash: No one is perfect people. Do you compare yourself to other people? Like for instance, the latest hype is the Kardashian’s for some reason. Yeah, they’re gorgeous, confident, beautiful, sexy and so much more. But, have you noticed, all of them have had work done to themselves to look that way. See where I’m going with this? Yep, they are insecure too. They weren’t happy with themselves so they got botox, lip injections, implants and the list goes on.

Underneath all of us there’s some type of insecurity even in the most beautiful people in the world. Why can’t we just accept ourselves for who we REALLY are? It’s time to let go of our imperfections and take what we want out of life.

What if we all thought of ourselves as epic, not basic? We’ve paid our dues in life so why not stop hesitating and go after what we want. I often think we hold ourselves back because of our faults and think we’re not good enough. I can’t be the only one that thinks this way can I? Yes, you know me as being confident, full of myself, sassy, speaking up for what I believe in, even arrogant at times. Deep down I have my insecurities too.

What are my insecurities? I didn’t go to college. I just graduated high school. At times I let that hold me back because I don’t necessarily feel that I’m smart around college educated people. But, that doesn’t make me any less of a person either. I’m street smart and I have amazing skills. I make very good money and have a successful career. I’m not toned up, thin, or even in shape. I’m curvy and like to eat. So, at times when I’m at the beach in my bathing suit I feel fluffy. But then I think to myself, I’m fluffy but cute and I’m happy. We have to reel ourselves back in at times and remind ourselves how fabulous we are don’t we? I hope  you do that with yourself. You do, don’t you? Try your best not to put yourself down. Bring yourself up with the positives when you start doubting yourself OK?

Whether we were put down growing up by our parents or bullied or if we talk down to ourselves in our minds we can overcome that bullshit. Learn to love yourself.

We all need to own our worth don’t we? We are worthy, all of us. We need to make people remember each of us whether they want to or not. Not everyone has to like us, not everyone has taste do they?

We’re all beautiful in our own fucked up ways if you ask me. There’s beauty in everything and everyone if you look around. No one is you, that’s your power and that’s  your beauty.

I have so many favorite songs but this one always speaks to me. It’s so powerful and I think if we would all listen to this from time to time it would help us to realize our worth. If you don’t have it on your spotify, google play list or whatever, add it, you need to hear it. Treasure yourself loves. If you don’t, how can anyone else treasure you?

Whatever you think is wrong with you, It’s OK. Keep That.


This Week In My Little World

Pardon my rambling this morning but thought I’d catch all of you up on what’s been happening in Lennon’s world this week…

I started out with sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes on Monday which by Wed. had me miserably ill. Went to the Dr. and found out I had bronchitis which I’ve never experienced before. She prescribed steroids, antibiotics and some strong cough syrup. Thursday morning I was extremely red and a bit blotchy. At first I thought looking at myself in the mirror “Have I been in the sun lately? I’ve got a red or pink glow going on. I look kinda cute?” But as I lifted my shirt and saw huge red whelps on my stomach I knew I was probably having an allergic reaction.

I called the Dr and come to find out, it’s a side effect from the drugs. Go figure. She said to continue taking them. At least the man voice and man cough have subsided. Now I’m just stuck in the 80’s with this Kim Carnes “Betty Davis Eyes” raspy voice. The hubby says it sounds hot. Maybe I should update my voice mail on the cell while I have this scratchy voice? :/

Earlier in the week without my knowing my boss had a bet with some of the managers that if he searched my sent e-mails for the word “Fuck” that he would find over twenty e-mails. How much did he bet? $50.00 – How many e-mails did he find with that fowl word? Over 400 – Yikes! How many were sent to him? Probably over 100 I believe. Double Yikes. Thank God we don’t have an HR department and he is THE owner and doesn’t mind and makes jokes about it eh? This my friends certifies I could probably not work anywhere else and be tolerated in a professional working environment. Is there a class to help me have tactfulness or put some more lady like mannerisms in my brain? Who knows.

Yesterday I receive a text from someone stating “This is my new #, save it.” My reaction anytime I receive a text that I have no idea who it’s from is “Who Dis? You bringing me that dope?” Why do I do this you ask? Because, I don’t need people from my past that I don’t want to find me blowing up my phone or finding me period. This way it gives me the out to say it’s not me right? Catching my brainwaves now? The next text from the person reads “It’s the man of your dreams, your husband!” Ha.

Last night we traded his company cars in for a brand new mustang. He had two vehicles in his company name so this way he now has one vehicle. It’s saving him quite a bit a month now and he starts that new job on Monday. Yay for the hubz! I didn’t embarrass him too much at the dealership last night. But, I assisted in getting him the right price for both of his trade-ins and he got a fantastic deal on that 2016 mustang. Yes! We’re both owner’s of mustangs now. Welcome to the wild side hubby, you’re going to love your new ride!

This morning although I was feeling pretty lousy from the coughing I bathed Mr. Cheese. He’s our 17 year old scrappy mutt and let me just tell you, it felt like I was wrangling a baby alligator in the bathtub. He is still full of energy and I had a really hard time getting him washed but now he’s got a great blow out and is fast asleep perched upstairs in his window seat.

Now I believe I’ll have one more cup of coffee and focus on some reading for the day. Happy Saturday Loves!