~Reblogging~ A new friend….Do you ever stumble across someone that you have an immediate connection with? All Hale To Joan…love her style and have quite a few things in common with her. Check her out ūüôā


Uncork the champagne and get ready to celebrate!  Today marks the first anniversary of my retirement.  How’s it going?  Well, some of my plans came to fruition and some of them fizzled.  Overall, my job-free life has been full of surprises.  And the inner me has turned out to be someone I didn’t know quite as well as I thought I did.

Early on, I discovered that my authentic self cannot sleep in past 7:30.¬† Some days, she bypasses the shower and ‚Äúgoes commando.‚Ä̬† Her house and car are no cleaner than they ever were.¬† She eats out more than in, and has¬†a fondness for¬†hole-in-the-wall ethnic joints and food trucks.¬† She pledges allegiance to yoga, but has yet to¬†sign up for¬†a¬†class.¬† The same is true of remedial obedience training for the dogs. ¬†She¬†wastes countless hours scrolling¬†through FaceBook.¬† She put aside her disdain for TV and¬†blew through seven seasons of The‚Ķ

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