Two days left

Loves, can you go vote for my “Sarcastic Sister”? No, she’s not my real sister, but she’s fucking hilarious and amazing!

Its good to be crazy Sometimes

You only have 2 days left before I stop harping on about the UK Blog Awards, that would be 2 days left to vote if you haven’t already done or 2 days to vote twice (is that cheeky?)

So here is the link

Thank you everyone for your support 🙂

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  1. K E Garland · January 25, 2016

    It’s amazing how many of the same blogs we follow! Great minds, I suppose.

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  2. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes · January 29, 2016

    Thank you my lovely, the results came through today. I am demanding a recount since I didn’t get into the top ten the cheating bastards

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