Yes, I’m white. But, I’ve always been colorblind when it comes to racism. I don’t see color. I have tons of friends that are not white. Some are Puerto-Rican, African-American, Asian, Pakistanian, etc. If they needed a kidney and I was a match I’d give it gladly to save their life. Racism gets me every fucking time. I can’t stand it. This blog won’t be necessarily what you’re assuming it to be.

I’ve experienced racism first hand personally. When I first moved to Atlanta I got a job at a finance company. There were eleven employees at my branch. I was the only white person working in this branch. I could hear my co-workers making racial comments like “she thinks she’s all that because she’s blonde, blue eyed and white. I should beat her white ass after work.” “Who the fuck does she think she is coming in here. I guess we had to hire her for HR purposes so we have a whitey among us to show diversity.” No one wanted to be my friend, they ignored me, wouldn’t help train me, made my life a living hell. They would play tricks on me and leave hateful notes, etc. I found another job quickly.

Another time, I went out with a group of guys one night to a restaurant/bar. This was in Tennessee. There were three Pakistanian’s and two African-American guys I was with. We sat up at the bar, ordered our food and drinks and two white ignorant redneck guys started making racial slurs towards my group. Saying things like “I guess she’s the vanilla in the oreo.” “She’s going to get gang banged later.” As one of my friends spoke up and said  “I can handle you spewing racial shit to me and my boys but don’t disrespect her, she’s a lady and don’t talk about her like that.” The redneck assholes started getting up and shoving at my group trying to start a fight. I stood up at this point and said “Shut the fuck up you ignorant racist douchebags and sit the fuck down, my Dad’s a cop and he’ll be here in 10 minutes.” Of course, My Dad was no cop, nor did he even live in the state of TN. But, they paid their bill and got the fuck out.

This whole #oscarssowhite issue that’s plastered all over the the media has me thinking. First of all, I’m tired, sooooo fucking tired of races being singled out. For instance, White people don’t have a WET (White Entertainment Television), there’s not a White History Month. There’s also not a Miss White USA either. I do see there’s a Miss Latina pageant now as well. Why can’t Miss Universe be enough? Shit, I don’t watch pageants anyways. It brings back terrible memories of when I participated in them. It felt like we were being paraded around like cattle being gawked at. It felt intimidating and so judgmental and talk about cat fights. So happy those days are over for me. Sorry, I got off of the subject at matter.

I watch BET faithfully. I’m a huge fan of rap, hip hop, and R & B. I can pop & lock, robot, moon walk and shit. I love it.

I don’t think racism is really a factor in the Oscars. They’ve nominated many different races in the past and they’ve won before. Examples: Halle Berry, Denzel Washington, and Cuba Gooding, Jr. All so deserving! Granted, in my opinion I think Michael B. Jordan should’ve been nominated for Creed as well as O’Shea Jackson, Jr. and Jason Mitchell for Straight Outta Compton. It’s a fucking shame they weren’t nominated. I don’t think it’s a race issue though. Am I ignorant or naive? Possibly.

I was ashamed of Trump stating “The whites don’t get nominations for BET awards.” He should’ve googled it before making that fucking statement. Hello? Eminem, Robin Thicke, Justin Timberlake, Sam Smith, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were all nominated. Eminem and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis all won and accepted BET awards.

It’s been two years since an African-American has been nominated for an Oscar. Is it a racial thing? I think not. Chris Rock is hosting this years Oscars, he doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. It will be interesting to see what he comes up with on the subject. I’ll be watching.

I just can’t understand why we can’t all accept diversity, appreciate each other and not single a race out? We’re all human and we’re all beautifully made. So fucking tired of the racism topic and here I am blogging about it. Just my thoughts and opinions, I love everybody whether you’re black, brown, purple, yellow, orange, green, republican, democrat, muslim, baptist, catholic, or whatever you are….until you prove to me you’re not worthy with your actions. Just sayin……








  1. socialbridge · January 24, 2016

    Well said!

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  2. Simon · January 24, 2016

    Well said Lennon. The rascism thing gets up my nose and in this day and age it shouldn’t be around. But Trump worries me…. really .

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  3. K E Garland · January 26, 2016

    We love you too boo! Or at least I do…lol guess I can’t speak on behalf of the whole demographic. I think my answer is too long for this post. But in a nutshell, it’s more about the disproportionate number of awards given to only white people, as opposed to other so-called races and ethnicities. The way I see it is if there’s ever a disproportionate number of some race, then that’s probably a signal that there’s a prob. Just my $.02.

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    • Lennon Carlyle · January 26, 2016

      You know I love your $.02 ALWAYS! Good explanation, makes sense to me. I still swear the actors from Straight Outta Compton and Creed should’ve been nominated.

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      • K E Garland · January 26, 2016

        I totally agree. I also think that we should all stop looking for acceptance for other people. If people don’t like your art, then phk ’em…like fr I’ve never stayed in places where I was clearly not valued.

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      • Lennon Carlyle · January 26, 2016

        Preach Girl!

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  4. itsgoodtobecrazysometimes · January 29, 2016

    My first experience with racism was when I was a child, I was much darker as a child and I get some feel hate spewed at me and I couldn’t understand it.

    Hopefully you can see this the best way I have heard the oscar thing described


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