Regulating My Anger

One of my older ones, thought I’d reblog since I’m running behind this morning – Have a great day loves!

Fabulous With Glitches

Today a friend of mine challenged me to blog about a weakness, struggle, or an inner demon that I might have. I told her I really have none of those things. I went into that I’m a happy girl and really see the positive in everything and how beautiful my life truly is. I’m sure she was coughing and choking as she read that text calling BULLSHIT. She then pointed out to me, “What about your temper? You get pissed sometimes just because a barista gets your coffee order wrong. How about how your hubby is laid back and how you wished you were more like him? You could blog about how you get anxiety when you see your Mom and she picks you apart about your appearance.”

In my mind I’m thinking “Why the fuck do I tell her so much?” Ha! I tell her so much because…

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  1. grandfathersky · January 20, 2016

    I was a terrible passive aggressive, until I learned about expressing anger. You may want to look into it … That email was aggression, not anger …

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