5 Life Lessons that I Learned from My Mother


Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

2045f6c45c287f7c15b87304edd4500e38“Be nice to your sister.  She’s the only one that you’ve got.”  “But Momma, I have two sisters.”  “Be nice to her too and quit arguing with me.”

“Just because the neighbor boy jumped off the bridge doesn’t mean you have to also.”  “But Momma, we were jumping in the river ‘cuz it’s so hot out there.”  “Yeh well there are snapping turtles in that river and one could come along and bite off that thing you have between your legs.  Would you want that? ”  (OK, that was a visual that I did not need when I was 12 years old)

The time to not try to be funny is when your Mother sends you outside to bring back a switch because you were being naughty.  Momma didn’t think it was funny when I came back with a twig and a smile on my face.  I thought…

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  1. Carisa Adrienne · January 16, 2016

    Sisters… Hmmmm.

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