Handle It


And just like that it’s Monday Eve…..

Most of us are back to work tomorrow and it’s time to get back into our “get shit done” mode.

Each of us have our battles on Monday’s don’t we? Monday’s just aren’t as kind to us as Friday’s.

Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting a battle against the land of toxic waste of negativity at work alone. Have you ever noticed that negative people have a problem with every solution? I know you run into it from time to time yourselves probably. It can’t just be in my office can it?

Often we dread things that are about to happen and have this cynical way of thinking but we manage just fine through it all don’t we?

You see, that’s the thing loves, we’re diamonds and they can’t break us. We’re resilient and everlasting. We should never forget that. As I always say, it’s mind over matter all day every day.

Let’s prep our mindset for tomorrow and roll with the punches as they say. Shit, maybe if it makes us feel better we pretend in our minds we just punched one of those negative fuckers in the throat. Don’t physically go there PLEASE. It’s alright to imagine it. It might make you feel a little better and make you smile, Yes? Many times I slam my stapler over and over again to hear it and pretend it’s someone’s face that just royally pissed me off. Yes, I know, I might need some anger management but it gets me through it and no one gets hurt. That’s what’s important right? My stapler is pretty durable just like myself and you….Ha!

On that note, may your Monday go smoothly, your coffee be incredibly strong, and most of all, you get shit done….

For my listening pleasure tomorrow morning I’ll be ridin’ dirty in my mustang in the morning listening to….This is Why I’m Hot, join me?








  1. Sophia Ball · December 28, 2015

    Bleh Mondays. Thanks for the post to help get us through this one!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lennon Carlyle · December 28, 2015

      Monday’s are so Bleh but I find that pumping myself up with the blog & some really good music sets my mood. Thanks for stopping by & commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jim · December 28, 2015

    I had this visual of you punching someone in the throat and letting out a karate scream while you did it. it was awesome. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

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