More To Me Than You – No, seriously, there is…

Fabulous With Glitches

We often wonder in our minds “Are we good enough?” What makes us good enough?

All of us have a story don’t we? When I say a story, I mean something has went wrong, cracked our foundation, or shall I say, someone has wronged us and we feel damaged. The damages often make us resilient don’t you think?

Sometimes we blame ourselves for the damages, mental flaws, failures, etc. We syke ourselves out and think of ourselves as bruised….not good enough…Oh but we are.

This post is uncomfortable for me to say the least. I’m having to pull some distasteful memories from my secret locker to share with you.

As a few of you know in my previous posts I’m somewhat a direct, iron-willed, sarcastic “In Yo Face” kinda chic. I’ve not always been this headstrong. I used to suffer from “Daddy Issues”.

I’ll jump right in and give you…

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