To Be a Writer

Just discovered this little slice and what a great read. I couldn’t agree more….Check it out!


Recently, I  was reading a post on HarsH ReaLitY, a blog by a self-titled opinionated man, in which he poses the question,  what does it mean to “be a writer”?  An age old question, is it not, especially for those of us who have yet to have our work validated by traditional publishing venues which raises another: is that validation necessary to call oneself a writer?

My answer is no. A writer is one who writes regularly and with intention,  one who cannot not write.  When you feel something missing when you have gone too long without putting pen to paper and feel unaccountably agitated after several days without writing,  you are a writer. If writing connects you to your soul and makes you feel whole,  you are a writer. What it takes to be a writer, is writing. Sit down and write, regularly.

Of course in our modern…

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