Monday – Are you ready to play?

everyday bad ass

I had a “moment” on Friday after work. When I say “moment”, I mean, I allowed my emotions to get to me. As most of you know I blog about strength, positivity, inner strength, and strive to encourage others. Work was stressful that day and I felt defeated. I felt like I was being taken for granted and just downright pissed off.

I’m blogging about this as I want all of you to know that I have bad days too. I’m a real person just like all of you. I don’t want you to think that I’m always this super strong chic. We’re all human and have those shitty days don’t we?

When I came home from work and my husband asked me how my day was, I started elaborating and broke down in tears. My husband has seen me cry twice in the ten years we’ve known each other so it’s a big deal if I cry. His immediate reaction is to fix the problem and asked me if I wanted to quit my job. He would support me 100% if I did quit. That’s when I snapped back to reality. When I heard him say that, I thought to myself “No fucking way!” I am no quitter that’s for sure.

After I got the crying out of my system I felt much better. I felt relieved to get it off of my chest. It’s OK for us to have these moments where we do feel defeated. Of course it’s not a good feeling and it’s frustrating for us but this is life. Sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to. We have to pick ourselves back up and begin again. We have to try again the next day and overcome these defeating moments. I allowed someone to make me doubt myself. I’m sharing this with you because I’ve read that if we blog about our life experiences including the ups and the downs that it brings our bloggers closer to us as we let them see us for who we really are. I assure you I am very real. That’s why I’m sharing this with you.

So, on that note loves, we’ll move on with my Monday Eve prep for myself and all of you. I appreciate each and everyone one of you. Now let’s get to the good stuff on how we’re going to attack Monday, shall we?

Let’s tell the board of negativity meeting in our brains to sit down and shut the fuck up. Our business is not to bring ourselves down or anyone else for that matter tomorrow. We’re tougher than we think aren’t we? So what, we have a moment of defeat every once in a while. That’s when we should brush the dirt off and get our asses back in the game again.

We all have a fire inside of us that needs to break free. It needs air. We’re about to set it free and burn it up.

What’s on the menu for tomorrow you ask?

A positive attitude to get shit done, a mentality that we’re in charge, and most of all we bring VALUE.

Let’s start the day with inhaling some confidence and exhaling any self doubt.

As we hit first base tomorrow we’re going to have fabulous energy and it’s going to be fucking contagious.

Face it, we’re all under pressure at work on Monday’s, I think we’d all agree. Focus on the things that are going right for us in our lives.

As we run to second base, we’re going to spread some positivity. Light the game up! What I mean by that is, If a co-worker starts bitching and moaning about how she or he hates working there… them by complimenting them about something they contribute or how well they do something for the company. Try to bring them up to your level. Cheer them on and build them back up. Reel them in. They’re part of the team too.

Stealing third base……You’re in charge of your attitude and your mindset ALWAYS. Every day we’re tested & doubted in our careers and life in general. Remember, hold your head up high and understand we’ve got this. We can handle anything. Put your positive pants on and swag yourself right into work and bring your bad ass to the forefront.

As we slide into home base let’s serve up enthusiasm, sass, encouragement, and fucking charm all damn day. Let’s own it people!

“Put me in Coach, I’m ready to play.”

Go ahead Monday, throw my team some curve balls because it’s obvious these batters can swing.



  1. stephellaneous · November 9, 2015

    Great motivation, here. Thanks! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lennon Carlyle · November 9, 2015

      Awe….Thanks Steph. Sweet of you to comment. Thanks for reading πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

      • stephellaneous · November 9, 2015

        Seriously! I’m gonna need that attitude in the morning. Been dreading work. This cool dude in my department is out on vacation all week, and he’s usually a nice buffer between me and Queen Bitch. Ah well. I’m ready. Let’s do this!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lennon Carlyle · November 9, 2015

        Ha! I feel ya girl! Well stop on by anytime, I try to post something daily whether it’s funny or just a quick pick me up.

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  2. Lennon Carlyle · February 14, 2016

    Reblogged this on Fabulous With Glitches and commented:

    Reblogging one of my Monday Eve posts, we ready to play?


  3. Simon · February 14, 2016

    Well said girl – I’m ready to smash Monday. I know you’re human too, I can imagine inside that hard shell is someone a little softer.

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  4. lisamariagardiner · February 14, 2016

    You go and kick Monday’s ass 😁😁

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  5. nananettie1969 · February 15, 2016

    This is just what I need to feel…..Thank you my dear for showing you are a real person (I knew that anyway that is why I connected with you to begin with) Truth is I have been on a huge bummer because of crisis issues my adult kids are dealing with. This post gave me a epiphany (sp) so to speak. All I can do is spread positive things in all I do and they will see and feel that too. I have done all I can now I just listen and tell them the up side of it all……

    Thanks alot I am on board with the positive days ahead!!! Once again you touched me!!!! Sending good MOJO your way always Annette


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