Good Thing You’re Pretty

I hear this often. Perhaps four out of six bosses have mentioned this to me.

It’s not because I’m brainless, lazy or stupid but because of……Wanna take a guess? Yep, No filter. Or better yet, doing what I want and how I want to do it.

Why wait for permission when I can ask for forgiveness later. Patience is not my BFF.

Besides, I exceed my monthly goal every single month…What? What?

The majority of the time I’m just as shocked as they are when things come out of my mouth. Especially if they have me on speaker.

I don’t take offense to the comment “Good thing you’re pretty” because it’s actually probably saved my ass a few times.

Although some people might think this is downgrading or belittling me, I don’t.

I actually think it’s humorous because they’re allowing me to control the situation and they’re being outwitted by me batting my eyelashes. How crazy is that? I’m being serious about this too.

Conceited? Not really. I just have confidence and I’m happy. Haven’t you ever heard “Happy girls are the prettiest?” I always choose happy.

So go ahead boss and tell me it’s a good thing I’m pretty. I’ll use it to my advantage every fucking chance I get.

Everyday I’m hustlin’ πŸ’‹



  1. S.J. Hamilton · November 5, 2015

    Great post, love the confidence.

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  2. Tish Wolfsong · November 5, 2015

    “Happy girls are the prettiest” … I can relate to that.
    Wifey’s away for a while (WOOT!) and, even though I didn’t femme up yesterday, there were a couple of times I caught myself in the bathroom mirror. Usually I would hate that when I’m in “boy” mode, but I found myself saying “Hey, you’re not a bad old bird really”, and smiling at myself.

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  3. inspiretheworld2day · November 7, 2015

    Happy girls are the prettiest! I can hear the positivity in your tone and I am very guilty of having no filter myself. I bet your energy is just as beautiful as you are. I can feel it through the words you write. I say, if you e got it, flaunt it! Good for you πŸ™‚

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  4. Lennon Carlyle · January 26, 2016

    Reblogged this on Fabulous With Glitches.


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  6. contoveros · November 27, 2016

    I’m not a pretty girl. I am what I call rustic type of guy. I hope that I have mellowed with age. And that my smile can still help a person feel good inside. I use that smile whenever I say something that’s off base. And that is quite often whether it is in a social, business, or flirtatious manner. Sometimes I don’t have that much control over it. I simply want to make someone happy. And nine times out of 10, it works.
    so I know a little bit of what you speak. I like to think I feel myself with love during a meditative session and I can share that with my impromptu speech.

    Nice meeting you and I hope your stay in touch soon.

    Michael J


  7. Lennon Carlyle · November 27, 2016

    Sounds like you have the gift with your smile! Work it my friend! πŸ˜‚

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