Exhale Doubt

Inhale Confidence

Morning Loves,

I’ve got my huge cup of coffee and I’m feeling inspired and motivated this morning. I need this motivation and inspiration every single day. Yep, I wake up pretty fucking positive every morning but it doesn’t hurt to have a quote or something in my mind to set the mood for me.

Today, I’m walking into the office like it’s the first day of Fashion Week and I’m the director of the whole damn thing. Ladies, are you not into fashion? Pretend it’s Black Friday then and you’re stoked and ready to go! Fella’s, like football? Today is your Superbowl, let’s do this!

Let’s bring our confidence to the forefront and set our mind on positive cruise control for this beautiful day. Not feelin’ it? Well, add some songs to your play list and listen to them on the way into work, VERY LOUD.

A few to help get you going:

Alive & Kickin’, Upgrade You, American Woman, Start Me Up, This is how we do it, Eye Of The Tiger, and Radio Active

I’ll leave you with my selection for this morning…..rise up loves!


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