Monday Intentions

Monday Eve has arrived my friends….It happened so fast didn’t it? Well, here I am preparing myself and you of course for tomorrow’s ritual.

Let’s not dread going to work tomorrow. We’re going to wake up with good intentions. Set your cruise control on happy. Can you do that? It’s not that painful to think happy thoughts is it? When you wake up in the morning and stretch and go downstairs for that cup of coffee relish in the fact that you are beginning a new day in this beautiful world.

Here’s the beauty of a Monday….you can recreate yourself, start over, see things in a whole new light. There’s a new beginning heading towards us and the opportunities are boundless. If you hit resistance from a co-worker or if something doesn’t go our way let’s remember to stay on track. Easier said than done you say? Are you a fighter? I think each of us are. The struggle is worth it to be happy. You just have to have the mindset. Mind over matter all day every day right? It’s in your head. Program your mind and control it.

Each day we should put forth the effort to better ourselves and others around us. If someone is opposing your energetic mood tomorrow try building them up. I mean don’t we all need encouragement sometimes? Do you like to be complimented? Well if you like it, don’t you think your co-worker might?

Sometimes it works and sometimes it just doesn’t. I have a very dear friend that I work along side of 45 hours a week and she chooses to be miserable. I find myself constantly building her up and trying to point out the many incredible things that are going on in her life but she fights me every step of the way. At times it’s fucking exhausting. I feel like I’m concentrating on her so much that I’ve lost sight of my own happiness. I fall victim to her constant complaining and then I’m circling that damn drain with her. When this moment happens I have to take a break and escape for a minute to reboot my brain.

What do I do to make a come back? I go outside or to the bathroom and find a moment of solitude to read some of my favorite positive quotes from Pinterest on my phone. I save them like chocolate morsels. It’s my kryptonite if you will. I encourage all of you to do this. Find some incredible quotes or pictures, blogs, etc. that move you and put a smile on your face and go to those at any given moment to remind you that you’re in control of your thoughts and mood.

Don’t let someone else destroy your inner happiness. You don’t have to be a follower. You can lead.

I leave you with this…..

Happiness is an inside job. You’re the boss. Now go out and be a bad ass encouraging mother fucker tomorrow!

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