Aimed Thoughts

I’ve been lacking on the blog front the last few days. Seems like my brain has taken a hiatus from writing and thinking.

But, I’m back bitches….did you miss me?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and I thrive on this new addiction. You’re blogging is entirely mesmerizing and I find myself stalking some of your blogs daily. You’re good for my soul.

On with the show here. Every Sunday I try to post some motivating gusto for myself and anyone else that’s reading my blog. Every weekday morning I set a motto for the day. It’s almost as if I go into character each morning for my 7 am – 6 pm day job. I need motivation as much as I need coffee which is A LOT.

One thing about Monday mornings that I love is a fresh new start. A whole new outlook. I can be anything or anyone I want to be. So can you. You can go into a whole new character in the new week. Sure, people might think we have split personalities but who gives a fuck?

Sometimes I like to keep people guessing. I love that I can be a chameleon with style, moods, and personalities. Basically I can fit into any situation it seems like. This may be a gift or maybe a psychological problem possibly?

I claim tomorrow’s aimed thought to be……“Actually, I can.”

You are alone in your thoughts right? No one resides in your mind accept for you. You are not powerless so don’t act like it. You are not a victim to negativity unless you allow someone to dismantle your vibe. Choose to hustle and progress.

Trust me when I say start your Monday without complaining and with an open mind and be thankful for a fresh new beginning. It will be an incredible day if you stick to the script of ruling your mind. Control it and your attitude. You’ll be amazed at how powerful you’ll feel.

When you set your mind on cruise control with nothing but positive thoughts it’s like you have a shield up for toxic people around you that try to suck the happiness out of the living. Doubting you can manage staying positive all day tomorrow? Erase the doubt my darlings and keep telling yourself “Actually, I can.” I believe in each one of you and myself. Choose happy……you are so deserving.



  1. tessa tells all · October 19, 2015

    Amazing! I look forward to your Sunday posts to get me in the right frame of mind for Monday. Love the line about allowing someone to “dismantle your vibe” and seeing it from that perspective, it is about control. Not allowing negativity in.
    So, actually….I CAN. Saying it loud and proud, Beauty!
    Every day I’m hustling…

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