43 On Fleek

I know, I know, who says Fleek anymore right? Some 20 somethings might say “That’s sooooo early 2015.” Well, I love using the word Fleek and especially in my forties.

Definition of Fleek: On point

That’s right….I feel like I’m on Fleek and on point if you will. I’ve finally gained my confidence, fearlessness, and my self-possession. I own this shit!

There’s a certain amount of satisfaction that we’ve eased into in our years. We’ve embraced our flaws, wrinkles, a few speed bumps along the way and how far we’ve come.

And whatever you do, don’t count us out yet. Don’t you feel like your life has just begun sometimes at this age? Almost like the light bulb has went off in our brains that we’re pretty extravagant. Am I the only one that feels this way?

Feels like we have been under wraps and have now come to the forefront of life and have an advantage over the younger generation.

We’ve secured our swagger. Yeah, that’s another favorite word of mine. Swagger. Say it! Sounds amazing when you say it about yourself doesn’t it?

Grasp the idea in your mind that you are on Fleek at whatever age and OWN it. Take in these moments of contentment as we have graduated to the upper class. We’re no longer freshmen. Just think about the knowledge we have and how we’re one up on the 20 & 30 somethings.

We’re fierce and unforgettable! One more thing, you can wear that red lipstick so get your ass upstairs and put it on!



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