Chin Up Princess….

Chin Up

Today’s inspiration is terrific I think and hits home.

I’m a woman that works in a male dominated career world. I’m one of the six women in our office of thirty four men.

We’re constantly hearing the Blond, PMS, Wife Nagging, & Women Driver jokes on a daily basis. No, there’s not really an HR department. Pretty small business. It’s challenging even on a good day.

When I get up in the mornings I check FB, Twitter, IG, etc. The last thing I do is check Pinterest for my daily inspiration of Chic stuff and my favorite topic…Sarcasm. I go upstairs, work on my bed head, put my face on which includes my coat of armor which I call Lip Stick. Lip Stick is my kryptonite.

As the fellas at work gather around with their coffee discussing¬† last nights game, politics, how much they drank the night before I’m being productive and pounding out some numbers so that we hit budget. As I’m doing this my blood starts boiling because they’re getting paid more than me and doing absolutely nothing as they’re having their dickhead pep rally.

How many of you ladies run into this on a daily basis? Well, we must have our chins up so our crown doesn’t slip. We also need to remember…..Bitches get shit done.

I honestly believe that Karma will get these Chauvinist’s one day and I know I can’t wait to witness it. For now, we must fight the crusade and get “shit done”. It’s true that we have to work five times harder than any man to be noticed and rewarded for it.

We must also assess the situation and not be bullied by these dickheads as well. Stand up for yourself. For example, the other day one of the salesmen were accusing me of “Raping our customers with these high prices!” He also said “Why do you have to be such a little bitch and act like this is your money marking shit up?” You see, I have a boss that makes me mark things up. There’s a price structure and matrix in the system so I don’t really have a say in what the prices are and I’m not allowed to discount anything for the salesmen. I came back with “You know what? Acting like a Dick isn’t going to make yours any bigger. Why don’t you stop acting like a whiny little bitch?”

His response? He went straight up front to tattle on me to my boss. The good news is that my boss backed me up 100%. He also called me into his office in front of this salesman and cracked jokes on him saying he got served by ME. Ha!

Here’s the thing though…..Most of you chic’s cannot say things like this in a work environment because you work for larger companies and actually have an HR department. BUT, you can check these guys at the door and put them in their place with polished words and sarcasm. The trick is to be sure and do this in front of the other Dick-Bullies so they get to make fun of him when you walk away. If you have longer hair, flip your hair when you walk away too. It’s an added bonus slap in the face kind of a special touch to the scene. I’m telling you It’s a delightful experience.

Rise up Bitches & Remember each one of you are a Princess……..Bring the Sass!



  1. Lex Jones · September 10, 2015

    Rise up bitches! Love this! Great work, beauty!


  2. ferddhie · November 2, 2015

    You must be the only person in the world who’d use bitches and princess in the same sentence and still mean the same thing. Lol. I must get used to your free use of “bitch”. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

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