Dreams Can Come True

Hi Loves,

I wanted to share with you a friend that has re-entered the blog land. He’s been MIA for quite some time. He’s just resurfaced and I’m thrilled to share his blog. He had good reason to go missing since he was following his intuition and making his dreams come true. Some of you might know him or used to follow him. Share some love with him and welcome him back, he’s started over again and has shared some of his photography work with us. Check it out.



I woke up with a serious headache at 4 am. Nope….I didn’t even hit the sauce last night. It’s also 18 degrees and I can’t get warm. Sigh….only one more day and it will be the weekend. Let’s pound it out shall we? Happy Thursday šŸ’‹

Opinionated Man

Good God! To just have 15% of this guy’s talent I would be in heaven. Jason is gigantically gifted. His blog is first-rate and his writing is so expressive. I’m not surprised at the amount of followers he has because he’s one of a kind.Ā  He’s brutally honest and forthright when it comes to his feelings and thoughts. I admire that tremendously. I respect people that hold nothing back and tell it like it is. Shooting straight from the hip is one of my traits as well. He is fantastically sarcastic, brilliant, personable, and also enjoys sharing other blogs. He’s humble, caring, funny, and deep. You’ve got to check him out. He’s one to watch for sure.

Opinionated Man