Please read S.R. Toliver’s interview for the book Daddy. In this book you’ll see how influential it is for a daughter to have her Father in her life.



Hi Loves…..

I’ve not been myself lately. I took a break and explored some erotic fiction writing. I lost interest after a few posts.

I think I’m back? I’m beginning to feel like myself again. Not sure if I’ll continue the same stuff or challenge myself.

Check out the latest by Kesha called “Woman”. It’s my current mood. Yeah, I’m a mother fuckin woman…..

DADDY: Reflections of Father-Daughter Relationships (Cover Reveal)

Hi Loves, It’s been a minute since I’ve posted anything here but please check out the cover reveal of my friend’s new book. I was privileged enough to contribute my own Father-Daughter story to this book as well. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

K E Garland

I write to inspire. I write to motivate people to re-think social issues. I write to raise women’s voices because, although women make up nearly half of the world’s population, many times our experiences are not heard, and subsequently, devalued.

To that end, I’ve compiled another anthology. This time, I’ve invited 13 women to write memoirs centered on their father-daughter relationships. Over the next couple of months, I’ll introduce you to ten of the writers. Each Friday, they’ll explain why they wrote and what they hope to accomplish by participating in such a project.



A father’s presence is important in a daughter’s life. He is the first man a little girl sees and knows. He demonstrates how men relate to women.

But what happens when the father-daughter relationship is dysfunctional? Daddy answers that question.

Included are fourteen memoirs that describe the impact a failed father-daughter relationship can have…

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Hi Loves,

I’ve decided to try something different. I did some research on different blog sites and decided to make my way back to WP. But not necessarily here at Fabulous With Glitches. I’ve decided to venture into the sex genre. Some of it will be my stories, fiction, fantasies, and I’m hoping some of you will guest post from time to time.

Please keep in mind this might not be for everyone and I understand completely. If you’re wanting to check it out, please do….

Provocative Vibes

Hoping to see some of you over there and if not that’s OK too. I’ll be checking in here from time to time to catch up on your blogs and to say hi.



A Pause….

Hi Loves,

I’ll be taking a break from WP for a while. I was hoping to re-invent the blog into fiction writing, erotica, Adult X rated stuff but sometimes life gets in the way of things. Who knows, there might be another blog later. For now take care of yourselves and I am leaving my e-mail address so we can possibly stay in touch. XO

Happy Friday!

Rain – Blog Guest – What Sandra Thinks

Today I’m featuring What Sandra Thinks as she keeps it more than real with days that bring a disheartening truth to life. We all have those moments where nothing seems to go right in our world. Some of us more than others. Our foundations are all cracked below the surface in some type of way. We need a “fixer” to come in and repair the cracks to our foundation but can we even be fixed? She continuously pours her heart and soul into her writing and we’re fortunate enough to read it and catch her feels and share the pain. Good news is, we have each other and are able to let our words flow here and have the support, understanding and friendships we’ve made here to help us push through. Check it out and please pay her a visit…….


There was a time
When the rain calmed me
The peaceful drops falling
Running down my window
Light reflecting off the pavement

But times have changed
The rain pours harshly
Soaking the dirt beneath
Leaving my shoes muddy
Making simple things difficult

I hate the rain
Complicating things
Making a bad day worse
Hiding all but the grey
Totally fucking with my head

Engaging Sandra


Hi Loves,

It’s been quite a whirlwind lately in my life. Hence the reason why I’ve not written anything original for a while now. I’ll spare you the details for now because today I want to write about someone that is very special to me. Honestly, some of the best people I know are here in the blog world. I love that you can meet complete strangers here and have this overwhelming connection with them. I believe that I’m not the only one that has experienced this right? I have made an incredible friend, my as well call her family because I tell her everything whether she wants to hear it or not. She’s my person I believe.

No Guys, get your head out of that gutter. Not THAT person but she gets me and I get her. It’s as if we were born twins and didn’t know it and found each other. She’s loyal, dependable, and so many wonderful things to me. That’s why I’m featuring her here today on my blog. I want you to see what I see in her and read my perception of her…..I’m hoping she doesn’t get too embarrassed with my thoughts and love for her. Yes, I love her, although we’ve never met in person. One day I do hope to meet her and no doubt it will be absolutely fucking epic. If this should ever happen, watch out world because there will be trouble…the fantastic kind, of course. Please dive into her blog by clicking on two of my favorites below. Some of you are possibly already following Sandra. I’ve got news for you, I’m her biggest fan, so there’s that. Ha. I’ve even seen a glimpse of her once too and she is breathtaking. But, we’re not discussing looks here, it’s about her words, thoughts, imagination and her majestic individuality.

She would love to welcome you over and she always gets to know her followers so be sure to show her some comments and thoughts. Thank you for stopping by…….Enjoy!


She’s marvelously starry-eyed with her fiction. My favorite series she’s ever written is Back To You

She’s even rightfully imaginative and scorching hot at times with her poetry. This one is alluring and gives me the sex feels….. Try It On

She’s perplexed, mysterious and hushed at times which leaves you wanting more. You’re eager and curious as you find yourself entranced in the deepness of her thoughts. She’s just enough disturbed, authentic, and genuine for you to feel the need to peel back the assortment of layers to find the hidden glow. Although she has frustrations with the roller coaster of life, there’s a tiny light that flickers in her secluded disposition that you can reach….only if you get through the tangled obstacles. She’s delicate yet verified and without a doubt unforgettable.





Simon’s Takeover – Fallen

Hi Loves, today I’ve allowed Simon to takeover my blog. Please stop in at his place Planet Simon and tell him I sent you over for a hot cup of tea. 🙂
“Can you feel that?” She asked
“Oh God yes!” He replied. “You’re almost there!”
Harder she pushed, with all of her weight pressing down.
“Ahhh… Fuucckkk!” He cried out.
Pushing still harder she panted “Nearly… There!” With breathless victory she climbed off his back!
“That feels better!” He panted.
“Next time don’t break your back on my doorstep!” She smiled.
“Well I did push your car out… so we’re even in my mind!”
“Maybe, we’ll see won’t we?” She replied mysteriously. “Now get this back on!” Throwing him his mud splattered shirt.
“Coffee?” She asked.
He was thoughtful for a moment “I would rather have tea thanks, with extra milk and sugar!”
“I bet you would!” She replied with a cheeky grin.